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Hello and welcome to visit, a personal website for authentic Chinese food and travel in China. For more about the author Min and this site please visit About.

In this site I write about the authentic Chinese food, including our homecooking recipes, food culture and food travel in China.

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Authentic Chinese Food Recipes

1. Authentic Chinese food recipes

The recipes you see here are all based on our family cooking. Some are the traditional Chinese recipes but I did some changes to suit my kitchen in the UK.

Some recipes are from my parents, well, most popular ones are theirs ;). Both my parents are from Sichuan province, so you will see many recipes here are the Sichuan style.   

2. Simple and easy

Chinese cooking is not that difficult as you thought. You can see most recipes can be done within 20 minutes. Of course some "big dishes" (such as those for the festivals) would take longer time. 

3. Healthy

You will notice that the authentic homemade Chinese food is different from the food in your local Chinese restaurants or Chinese takeaway. There is not that much deep frying food in our home cooking, also we use much less oil and lots fresh vegetables, therefore is much healthier than most people think.  

4. About electrical cooker

The recipes are based on my parents or myself's cooking. You will notice the differences in their kitchen in China and mine in UK. The big change is the cooker.   

When I arrived UK, I realized that I couldn't cook like I did in China. Why? because most cookers I saw here are the electrical ones, very slow to heat up, which frustrated me for a while. 

In Chinese cooking, fire and temperature control is very tricky. Big or small, quick or slow, there are so many skills involved. It is hard for the electrical cooker to do so.

But, hey, that's life, we have to face it. So I get adapted to my new cooker. Without wok or big fire does not mean you can’t cook the authentic Chinese food, as long as you know some basic Chinese cooking techniques and how to use the ingredients properly.

So you will see my recipes are already modified for the electrical cookers, but my parents' recipes are the authentic Chinese cooking using wok and gas, so you may need change a bit according to your cooking enviroment. Hopefully you will find this helpful. 

Chinese Food Culture

This part is all about real Chinese food, what food Chinese really eat in China. Of course there is always a connection to the rich Chinese culture and history. You can find things like:

- Chinese festival food and culture, such as what we eat at Chinese New Year, Duanwu Festival, Middle Autumn Festival and more.

- Chinese food history and the stories behind the food.

- Chinese daily food such as Chinese breakfast or Chinese daily family meals. Dining guide and Chinese dining tradition.

Food Travel in China

I love travel and finding the tasty local food is one of the exciting parts of each journey.

So in this part, I put everything about the Chinese regional food, either famous or just normal daily food, from different places in China. These are based on my own traveling experiences, lots photos to share with you. 

You can find more details for Beijing Food & Travel, Hunan Food &Travel, and Xian Food & Travel. (will edit Guizhou Food & Travel soon).

I also put some travel guide here, such as buy train tickets in China, taking sleeper train in Beijing, and Xian Two Day DIY.

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope that you find something interesting or useful.

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All the best,

Min :-)

(Last update: 26/11/2015)

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