Easy Chinese Meat Recipes

Chinese Red Cooked Rib Potato

Chinese Red Cooked Rib Potato (Video)

This dish is made by my father. Instead of slow braising, he uses the pressure cooker to make this dish, which saves cooking time but can still keep the rich flavour.

The meat is tender, easy off the bone, with a rich flavour. The potato has a kind of sandy texture can be easily mashed by your tongue, really yummy :)

Chinese Tiger Skin Kourou (Pork Belly)

Szechuan "Tiger Skin" Kourou (Pork Belly) (Video)

This is my mum’s recipe for Szechuan “Tiger Skin” Kourou (pork belly) 虎皮扣肉. In my eyes, my mum is our family’s master chef and this is her signature dish, because we would have this dish in almost every Chinese festival.

Chinese Twice Cooked Belly & Carrots

Chinese Twice Cooked Belly & Carrots (Video)

Chinese twice cooked belly is one of our family favorites. The boiled pork belly is fried with green chili and cooked carrots, full of flavor.

Chinese Pork Potato (Video)

This Chinese pork potato is a very common Chinese home cooking dish. The potatoes are shredded and fried with marinated pork. Using cumin also gives the dish an extra flavour.

Chinese Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Twice Cooked Pork Belly (Video)

A traditional Szechuan dish I learned from my parents. In twice cooking, the meat is boiled first then cut and cooked again.

Chinese Duck Potato & Chestnuts (Video)

Chinese home cooking recipe from my parents, , the duck legs are red cooked with potato, chestnust, Huai Shan and Bai Guo, using the pressure cooker. The duck meat is tender and full of rich flavour.

Chinese Pork Liver Fried Chilli

Chinese Pork Liver Fried Chilli (Video)

This Chinese pork liver recipe is from our usual family cooking, in which marinated pork liver is fried with green chilli. The liver is very tender, hot spicy and full of nutrition.

Chinese Duck Radish Soup

Chinese Duck Radish Soup (Videos)

Chinese home cooking recipe from my parents.  The chopped duck legs are cooked with Chinese white radish, bamboo shoot and chestnuts, seasoned by star anise, ginger and dried mandarin peels. Light and healthy.

Chinese Beans Fried with Sausages

Chinese Beans Fried Sausages (Video)

Our home cooking recipe for Chinese Beans Fried Sausages with the dried Chinese black beans used as one of the ingredients.

Chinese Lion Head Meatballs

Chinese Lion Head Meatballs

My parents’ home cooking recipe for Chinese Lion Head Meatballs. Unlike most existing recipes for this dish, it is a non-fried version. So if you want a healthy meatball dish, check this page. 

Chinese Steamed Spare Rib

My newly tried dish, the steamed spare ribs together with Chinese black beans, ginger, red chilies and garlic. Not only easy to make, but also healthy, light and tasty.

Chinese Fried Noodle with Leftover Chicken
How do you deal with leftover meat? I made this easy Chinese fried noodle recipe to turn the leftover chicken into a lovely tasty meal, which only takes less than 20 minutes to make.

Chinese Chicken Feet with Chilli

Chinese Chicken Feet (Video)

Like it or hate it, Chinese chicken feet is very common food in China’ daily eating, as you may see it served as a single dish or in the soup, and perhaps most time, as the snack!

Chinese Spicy Shrimps

Chinese Spicy Shrimp (Video)

This Chinese spicy shrimp recipe is based on our family cooking for Jinga shrimp. In Chinese it is called Jiwei Xia (基围虾). We cooked the shrimps with green chilli and ginger, seasoned by a special Chinese hotpot sauce for lobsters.

Chinese Kung Pao Chicken

Chinese Kung Pao Chicken (Video)

Here is our family version of Chinese Kung Pao chicken, the tender and succulent chicken with Sichuan pepper, red chillies and roasted peanuts.

Chinese Spicy Lobsters

Chinese Spicy Lobsters (Video)

China Hunan the local-made lobster dish is very popular at summer evening snack street. It is hot and spicy, full of flavour. This is our family version of Chinese spicy lobsters.

Chinese Red Cooked Carp

Red Cooked Ji Yu (Carp) (Video)

This is how my father cook the Ji Yu (carp) in China. Very traditional Chinese dish, but his cooking is Szechuan style.

Chinese Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

Chinese Chicken Drumsticks (Video)

Love Chinese chicken dish, maybe you will be interested inour home cooking for Chinese chicken drumsticks, hot spicy with green chillies and garlic. Simple, easy and tasty. 

Chicken Fried with Green Chilli (Video)

A family chicken dish. Use corn starch flour to keep the meat moisture so that the chicken tastes tender. Mixed with chilli and wood ear, this dish is healthy and delicious. Inclucde a video clip to show how to cut meat into thin thread.   

Chinese Spicy Pork Onion (Video)

Chinese home cooking recipe from my parents, marinated pork shreds fried with green chilli, onions and Chinese black wood ears. very simple to make.

Chinese Dipping Fish

Chinese Dipping Fish (Video)

Here is one more Chinese fish recipe from my mother’s home cooking, where her homemade dipping sauce make the fish fillets taste special. 

Chinese Pine Nut Fish

Chinese Pine Nut Fish (Video)

Here is my mother’s home cooking for Chinese Pine Nut Fish (carp). The fish fillet is cut diagonally, after frying, the surface looks like pine nut so is the name “pine nut fish”. Check details here.

Chinese Microwave Oven Cod

Chinese Microwave Oven Fish Cod (Video)

A quick easy chinese microwave oven fish recipe for Chinese style cod. Instead of frying pan or wok, microwave oven can cook the fish perfectly. Simple and healthy.

Chinese Egg Tomato Meatball Noodle Soup

Chinese Noodle Soup: Meatball with Egg & Tomato (Video)

Healthy and easy to make. It is perfect when you don't have time to cook but still want a fresh and tasty meal.

Chinese Sweet Sour Meatballs

Chinese Sweet Sour Meatballs (Video)

This is always one of my favourites in our family New Year food party. The meatballs are fried to golden brown which taste great even without the sweet sour sauce. The combination of sweet and sour flavours creates a distinctively tangy mouthfeel...

Chinese Red Cooked Chicken

Chinese Red Cooked Coke Chicken (Video)

First, fry the ingredients to release the flavour. Then fry the meat till golden brown. Finally, add the stock for slow braising. Use diet coke if you concern calories:) 

Chinese Five Spice Ribs

Red Cooked Five Spice Rib

Red cooking is a typical Chinese cooking technique. The name comes from the red-brown colour of the cooked meat because of using dark soy sauce.

Chinese Pork Mince Rice Noodle

Chinese Pork Mince with Rice Noodle

This Chinese Pork Mince Rice Noodle is also called "Ma Yi Shang Shu", meaning "ants climb the tree". My version is slightly different as I have too many "ants", not enough "trees", still tasty though;)

Chinese Steamed Meatballs

Chinese Steamed Meatballs

Here is one more steamed recipe, Chinese steamed meatballs with rice. A dish China Hunan locals like and gives it a beautiful name called pearly meatballs.   

Chinese Steamed Tofu

Chinese Steamed Pork Mince & Tofu

This Chinese steamed tofu with minced meat is what I learnt from Chinese website. If you like healthy Chinese food, you may like this fresh and light tasted dish. Check it here.

Chinese Steamed Fish

Chinese Steamed Fish

Love fish? Perhaps you can try this Chinese steamed fish recipe. Really simple and easy to make, fresh, tasty and healthy too.

Hunan Preserved Meat Dish

Hunan Preserved Pork Dish

Hunan preserved pork is famous regional food in China. Check here to see how we prepare and make a preserved pork dish with vegetable.

Chinese Noodle with Green Beans & Sausages

Chinese Noodle Fried with Green Beans and Sausages

Love Chinese noodle dish? Here is my recipe for noodle fried with crunchy green beans and smoked pork sausages. Perfect choice for a quick light dinner.

Chinese Squash Risotto

Chinese Squash Meat Risotto

Chinese squash slow cooked with Chinese Hunan preserved sausage cubes and rice, a simple, healthy, tasty Chinese homemade risotto dish I learnt from my mother.

Chinese Pork Mince Potato

Chinese Potato with Mince Meat

In China potato is usually eaten as the vegetable and cooked in many dishes. Here is one common Chinese dish using the shredded potato and minced pork.

Chinese Style Oven Cooked Cod

Chinese Style Cod (Oven Cooked)

My recipe for oven cooked Chinese style cod. Instead of frying the fish, I use oven to cook the fish and add the Chinese sauce on the top. Simple and healthy.   

Sichuan Style Chicken Noodle.

Szechuan Style Chicken Noodle (Video)

Stir fried chicken with green chillies mixed with Szechuan salad sauce, sweet, sour and spicy. Another dish I adapted from my parents' Szechuan salad recipe.

Chinese Sytle Cod Fillet

Chinese Pan Fried Fish

I made some changes based on my father's Red Cooked Carp recipe, so that the cod fillet I cooked in the UK can still have some taste of Szechuan. :-)

Chinese Tofu & Pork Mince

Red Cooked Tofu & Pork Mince

Pork mince fried with red pepper and tofu. Ingredients include leek and Chinese sweet bean paste.

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