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Chinese Snacks (2): Fruit, Peas & Seeds

In my last post for Chinese Snacks Meat, you see some examples of snacks made by meat. Here I show you some my favourite snacks made from fruits and seeds.

I have seen some supermarkets in the UK offer the packed fruits, such as dry apricots, grapes and plums, which I eat as the snacks. But I guess for the locals these are more likely used as ingredients for fruit desserts?   

In contrast, I can’t help thinking how many fruit snacks we have in China and how nice they look and taste. 

For example, these are the Chinese snacks made from plums and some kind of berries (I don't know the English for it).

Chinese Snack Flavour Plums.

The fruit snack made from kiwi.

Chinese Snack Flavour Kiwi.

Then here is the snack made from hawthorn, coming with different shapes and textures. The texture of the dark colou and roll shaped ones are more or less like jelly or gummy candy.

Chinese Fruit Snack Hawthorn.

All these fruits snacks are soft, sweet and sour, but much less sweeter comparing to the sweet snacks I had in the west.  

This is a type of dry plum from a famous Chinese brand. The fruit is more or less dehydrated, apart from sweetness and sourness, it also tastes salty. Basically I just put it in my mouth like having a sweet, but the taste can last very long.

Chinese Snack Dry Plums.

Apart from the fruits, seeds and peas are also popular snacks in China. Here the crunchy roasted green peas are seasoned with four types flavour, beef, garlic, BBQ and hot chilli.

Chinese Snack Flavour Peas.

There are some snacks are made by beans too, such as Shanghai five spiced beans are famous regional snacks in China.  

The snacks made by seeds and nuts are very common in China, particularly sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds and peanuts.

Chinese Snack Flavour Seeds.

Here is one thing different I notice about the seeds in China and UK. In the UK, I see most seeds are shell-removed. In China, most of them are sold with shell on. For the quality seeds, the flavour is not only on the shell but also from the “marinated” seeds as well. 

How to use your front teeth to open the shell then use your tongue to lick the seed out is kind of skill (sounds like a bird would do?), but we all learn from experiences.

I still remember that I used to have a game with my friend in the university, trying to see who could eat more sunflower seeds within certain time, which was a fun as we could really do that very fast.    

As I mentioned in another post about Chinese tofu, we have lots snacks made from tofu too. As always, they have many flavours and choices as well.

Chinese Snack Flavour Tofu.

Well, I can go on and on and on, but can only show some of the examples here.

We (I mean girls) all like snacking, eat something when we get bored or feel need something tasty in our mouth. But for me, Chinese snacks are tasty and healthy! I was wondering whether this is one of the reasons that most Chinese girls have no restriction on snacking but are still slim? ;)

If you visit China, you will see these snacks in most food markets, so perhaps give a try, will be fun! :)

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(Posted:07/10/13; Update: 22/11/14)

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