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Chinese New Year Food (1) Dumplings (Video)

In the northern China, the most important New Year dish is dumplings. In the south, people eat more rice than wheaten food and have rice cake for
celebration. In this page I show you how we make dumplings at home (including a video).

Chinese New Year Food (2) Glutinous Rice Food

In the southern China, people eat more rice than the wheaten food. Food like sweet rice balls, rice cake or eight treasure rice pudding is the traditional Chinese New Year food in the south.

Chinese New Year Dish

Apart from dumpling and food made from glutinous rice, there are more family dishes for our Chinese New Year food party including fish, spring rolls and chicken feet...

Chinese New Year Tradition (1)

Although nowadays some old traditions may seem have faded in the urban life, there are certain things we still do for today’s Chinese New Year celebration. 

Chinese New Year Tradition (2)

More about some old traditional New Year decorations, New Year Eve TV show, playing firecrackers and Bai Nian.

Duanwu Festival Food (1)

What are the popular foods during Duanwu Festival in Hunan China, and what is the historical story behind the traditional festival food, Zongzi? Also I introduced one food many foreigners may hate, the preserved eggs.

Duanwu Festival Food (2) (Video)

More about our homemade zongzi, a glutinous rice dumpling wrapped by bamboo leaves. Also more about the salted duck eggs. Including a video of my mum making zongzi at home.

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