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Chinese Duanwu Festival Food (2) (Video)

There are some traditional Chinese Duanwu Festival food, such as the leaf wrapped rice dumplings called "Zong Zi" and salted duck eggs.

This video was the first ever video I made  and posted on my Youtube Channel, which was based on my mum making zongzi at home.

Chinese Duanwu Festival Food: Zongzi

Nowadays even we can buy zongzi from the market, my mum still makes zoingzi at home.

She usually begins to buy the bamboo leaves and glutinous rice few weeks before the festival. See these are the bamboo leaves.


We all love the meaty flavour zongzi that my mum made. The meat we usually used is pork. Instead of using lean meat, mum prefers to include some fat; otherwise the meat will be bit dry and hard.

She would marinate the pork with salt, sugar and soy sauce for about 20 minutes before she wraps them with rice.

She also figures out how many zongzi she should make, because my brother would come to visit them during the festival holiday. She wants to make sure that there will be enough for his family too.

This year because I come back, see how many she has made! @_@.

Chinese Duanwu Festival Food: Zong Zi

Half of these zongzi will be taken by my brother. The rest will be our breakfast for a week or two. Because the rice is tightly wrapped, zongzi can be preserved for several weeks, even in the summer days.

Chinese Leaf Wrapped Rice Dumplings (Zong Zi)

Nothing can compare to this meaty flavour zongzi. The part with plain glutinous rice, soft, chewy, has a natural sweet taste from the rice. After hours steaming, the meat fat has been melted, which not only keeps moisture, but also makes the saltiness and sweetness well blended within the meat. Yummy, yummy!

Chinese Leaf Wrapped Rice Dumplings (Zong Zi)

Salted Duck Eggs

This is my breakfast during the Chinese Duanwu festival, one zongzi, salted duck egg, and rice noodle soup (which is a typical breakfast in Hunan). Well, no wonder I always put on weight after visiting my parents.

Chinese Duanwu Festival Food

My favourite part of the salted duck egg is the yolk. You can see the oil naturally coming from yolk. Comparing to the egg white, the yolk tastes less salty but has a lovely sandy texture. It melts in your mouth once your tongue touches it, delicious :) 

Chinese Salted Duck Eggs
Chinese Salted Duck Egg

Hope you like these Duanwu Festival food. If you have chance to visit China in Hunan, particularly during Duanwu Festival period, don’t forget to try zongzi and the lovely salted eggs.:)

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(Posted:15/09/12; Updated:31/01/15)

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