Chinese Chicken Recipes

Chinese Chicken Fried Cauliflower

Chinese Chicken Cauliflower (Video)

Our home cooking recipe for Chinese Chicken Cauliflower, marinated chicken is stir-fried with cauliflower, tender and full of flavour.

Chinese Fried Noodle (with Leftover Chicken)

How do you deal with leftover meat? I made this easy Chinese fried noodle recipe to turn the leftover chicken into a lovely tasty meal, which only takes less than 20 minutes to make.

Chinese Chicken Feet

Chinese Chicken Feet (Video)

Like it or hate it, chicken feet is very common in Chinese daily diet, as you may see it served as a single dish or in the soup, and perhaps most time, chicken feet is a snack!

Chinese Kong Bao Chicken

Chinese Kung Pao Chicken (Video)

Here is our family version of Chinese Kung Pao chicken, the tender and succulent chicken with Sichuan pepper, red chillies and roasted peanuts.

Chinese Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

Chinese Spicy Chicken Drumsticks (Video)

Love Chinese chicken dish, maybe you will be interested inour home cooking for Chinese chicken drumsticks, hot spicy with green chillies and garlic. Simple, easy and tasty.

Chinese Chicken Dite Coke

Chinese Chicken with Diet Coke (Video)

The way to make this dish is similar to red cooking. First, fry the ingredients to release the flavour. Then fry the meat till golden brown. Finally, add the stock for slow braising. Use diet coke if you concern the calories as I do:) 

Chinese Chicken Green Chilli

Chicken Fried with Green Chilli

Using corn starch flour keeps the meat moisture so the fried chicken tastes tender. Mixed with chilli and wood ear, this dish is healthy and delicious.   

Sichuan Style Chicken Noodle.

Szechuan Style Chicken Noodle (Video)

A dish I adpated from my parents' Szechuan salad recipe. Stir fried chicken with green chillies mixed with Szechuan salad sauce, sweet, sour and spicy.

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