Guangxi Guilin Attractions & Travel Tips (1)

This article for Guangxi Guilin Attractions & Travel Tips is contributed by my site visitor @WaittingLee370 via Twitter. I really appreciate her effort and support:)

Guilin is located in Guangxi Province and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. I visited Guilin twice many years ago. The beautiful Li River and Guilin landscape are still in my memory.  In this article,  @WaittingLee370 shared her photos and travel tips to visit the famous Guangxi Guilin attractions and surrounding areas. The article contains a large amount local information, which I believe are very useful for the foreign visitors. The first part of the article content covers: 

  • Key Guangxi Guilin attractions and famous local food

More for the second part is in Guangxi Guilin Travel Tips (2), which covers:

  • Guilin travel tips on best visit time
  • Recommended itinerary for 5 days
  • Money
  • Clothing
  • Local transports 
  • Warnings

For the rest part of this article, the Chinese writing and photos (except the header image) are provided by @WaittingLee370, the content editing and translation from Chinese to English are made by me.

Guilin Attractions & Travel Tips

Guangxi Guilin Attractions 1#: Li River


China Guangxi Guilin Li RiverGuangxi Guilin Attractions 1#: Li River

This picture is the famous Li River. “桂林山水甲天下” is an old Chinese saying, means that Guilin scenery is the best in the world. The landscape of Li River is the most iconic symbol of Guilin. 

When visiting Li River, a must-not-miss activity is the bamboo rafting. When the worker start to move the bamboo raft and we are floating along the Li River. With the view is widely open, the stunning mountains and ### stones are all in the view.  The sense of a harmony between the human and nature is gradually arisen inside, which is such as pleasant feeling.

(Min's addition note: the last sentence in Chinese is very common and standard Chinese writing. But it is so hard to translate. Phew, hope I did this right :)  

在岸边找到了画在20元人民币背后的那座山. 如果路过这里也可以来试试!:-)

Along the shore, we found the spot which has the view used in the Chinese yuan 20RMB. If you come passing here, you can try this too:)   

China Guangxi Guilin Li River on MoneyGuangxi Guilin Attractions 1#: Li River

Guangxi Guilin Attractions 2#: Elephant Trunk Hill Park


Guangxi Guilin Attraction: Elephant Trunk Hill ParkGuangxi Guilin Attractions 2#: Elephant Trunk Hill Park

This picture is taken from Elephant Trunk Hill Park within the Guilin city. The park is famous and well-known because of this elephant trunk hill. It is named due to the shape of the hill is like an elephant drinking water from the river. It is the symbol of Guilin city and the park is a must-visit attraction for the tourists.

Guangxi Guilin Attractions 3#: Dragon Backbone's Rice Terraces 


Guangxi Guilin Dragon Backbone's Rice TerracesGuangxi Guilin Attractions 3#: Dragon Backbone's Rice Terraces

This picture is taken from Dragon Backbone's Rice Terraces. Although the time when we visited was during the rain season, luckily we met a sunny day!

Dragon Backbone's Rice Terraces is about 80km away from Guilin city, which is a place mainly has two China ethnic minorities, Zhuang and Yao nationalities living here. You can see people wearing the dress in unique and colorful traditional costume. You can also enjoy the authentic original culture from the ethnic minorities and visit their traditional houses too.


Because we visited it in April, there was no water in the rice field yet. According to what locals said, they start to fill the water to the rice field from the end of May. Once filled with water, the view of rice field will be more beautiful than this. For those who like to take photograph, we recommend to visit the rice field after the water is filled and stay for few days. Definitely you will have lots beautiful pictures here.  (Wow, sounds so good, I 'd love to go! Min :)

Guangxi Guilin Attractions 4#: Guilin Rice Noodle Soup

Guangxi Guilin Rice Noodle SoupGuilin Rice Noodle Topped with Meat, Red Chili, Roasted Yellow Peas. Yum!


The most famous Guilin local food is -- Guilin rice noodle soup! In fact, there are rice noodle soup shops everywhere in Guilin. But the one we had in this picture was taken from 崇善米粉总店, Chongshan Rice Noodle Shop, located at the Zhengyang shopping street. This noodle shop is a famous brand. If you worry about the hygiene of the rice noodle from the street noodle shops, you can come here to have a try. 

Rice noodle soup would normally have many different flavors. The differences are what meat ingredient you choose. For example, you may choose the soup with the pork or beef flavors.

(My additional notes, cannot help adding more here. As seen in this picture, the noodle soup comes with veggie and tofu as the side dish. if pay attention, you will notice that the Guilin rice noodle is the round shape noodle. In Hunan, we also have the flat rice noodle (check this post for famous Hunan food here). Another special part of Guilin rice noodle is that apart from the tender meat and pickled veggie, it normally have the roasted, crunchy yellow peas (or peanuts) on the top, which adds something different to the noodle soup. That was why I still remembered it :)

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