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Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower (Video)

As a landmark in Shanghai, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower is the place you definitely won’t miss if you visit Shanghai. Here is my experience visiting the tower in the evening, including information on the direction, ticket types and what is in the top sphere (Space Module). Scroll down to watch the video.  

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower was completed in 1994, at the height of 468m, it is the fifth tallest building in China (till 2015).

The TV tower is located at Pudong district by side of Huangpu River.  Shanghai Pudong district is a newly developed area, which has many modern buildings.  

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower is just opposite The Bund, from where you can have a wonderful view of the tower and other buildings in Pudong area.

Shanghai Pudong Area view via the Bund.

How to Get There

Before visiting the tower, I was at Nanjing Road, the famous shopping street in Shanghai. From the subway Line 2 Nanjing Road station, it takes less than 10 minutes walk to reach The Bund.

The road sign is very clear once you get out of the subway station. It shows the Bund is about 500m away.

Shanghai Nanjing Road

If take subway Line 2 from Nanjing Road to Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, just get off at Lujiazui station (only one stop), get out at Exit 1, you will see the TV tower. The night view of the tower is really nice, as it looks more colorful comparing to the day time.  

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

To reach the tower, you need cross the road, or take an elevator up to the crossing bridge. I didn't realize how amazing the view of the nearby skyscrapers was until I edited this picture:)

Shanghai Pudong Skyscrapers

Tickets Type

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower has three large spheres, the highest (known as the Space Module) is at 350m high.

There are two types of ticket you can buy, one is for two spheres CNY160; another is for three spheres cost CNY220.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower top sphere (Space Module)

I guess everyone likes to go to the top sphere, which was I did. But what happened in the Space Module?

You need to be patient, because you will wait, wait and wait much longer than those who only visit two spheres. At least give yourself about two hours waiting time, if you are planning your travelling schedule. 

I went there in the evening, about 8:30pm, which was not busy as day time. But I waited for about one hour just to reach the elevator. Then I waited for another one hour to get to the top sphere. So it was about two hours standing in a queue.  If you are coming with children, better prepare something to kill the waiting time.

The reason for this is because the elevator to the top sphere is strictly controlled by maximum 10 people each time. I guess they may need to control how many visitors on the top sphere too.

Wait for the elevator in the lobby.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower Inside Lift

There are shops and dining places here.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower Inside

The first elevator will take you to the middle level. Then you wait for another elevator to take you to the top sphere. Before get up to the top sphere, you will need to take a soft cover for your shoes.

The space in the top sphere is limited. They arrange the inside looks like in the space.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower in Space Module

This the view of the Bund from the top sphere!

Shanghai Bund view from Shanghai TV Tower.

The view of the big buildings nearby.

Shanghai Pudong Building view from TV Tower.

Once finished the top sphere, you can get back to the second sphere. The most fun part is the glass observation deck, definitely fun and thrilling!

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower Glass Observation Deck.

Well, that’s it what I had in Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower. I think it is definitely worth to visit. But depending on your time, you may need to consider whether go to the top sphere. I personally find the best part is the glass observation deck, which means two spheres are enough for me. 

I have put the video clips here to show you what is like at observation desk, which is also posted in my Youtube Channel.

Hope you will have a nice trip there. You may also check my other posts from Shanghai travel guide. If you like this post for Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, please hope to share with others:)

(Post: 12/10/15)

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