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Our home cooking recipe for Chinese Rice Tofu, in which the soft tofu is simply seasoned by red and green chillies.  simple, healthy and tasty. Cooking video coming soon.

Tofu is a very common food in Chinese daily eating. We have different types of tofu, from the firm tofu to soft ones, from the plain tasted to well seasoned tofu snacks. You can find more details in two posts: types of tofu (1) and types of tofu (2).

The well-known tofu dish to most people outside China perhaps is the Mapo Tofu. I also have posted our family 's recipe for a light version Mapo Tofu. Another tofu dish we had is Cumin Tofu. Both recipe pages include the cooking videos, you can have a look if interested.  

I haven't mentioned this rice tofu so far. It is common in the southern China, (I am not sure about the north part). Comparing to normal type of tofu, the rice tofu is bit soft. The color of rice tofu is slightly yellowish, semi transparent. In terms of texture, bit like jelly but firmer.  

Chinese Rice Tofu with Chilies
Chinese Rice Tofu with Chilies.
Chinese Family Lunch with Rice Tofu DishOur family lunch, rice tofu, steamed pumpkin, lotus root, sea belt & ribs soup.

We can buy the rice tofu from the local food market. Because it is softer than normal type of firm tofu, you cannot do too much like stir frying. So basically, we cook the chilies with other ingredients, seasonings first, then add the rice tofu to mix well. 

Chinese local selling rice tofu on a bike
Chinese Rice Tofu from Local Market


  • one square rice tofu 500g
  • 1-2 tsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • pinch of salt
  • spring onions
  • 1 garlic
  • 1 tsp Chinese pickled red chilies
Chinese Rice Tofu and Green Chili

Method for Chinese Rice Tofu

• To prepare the ingredients. Cut the rice tofu into small cubes.

Chinese Rice Tofu
Chinese Rice Tofu

•  Heat up the wok and add oil, wait till high heat.

•  Add the chopped  green chilies and garlic for a quick stir fry.  Then add a  teaspoon  Chinese pickled (already chopped) red chilies to mix. The pickled red chili adds another flavour to the dish.  

•  Mix all seasonings, add some light soy sauce if needed. Add  the rice tofu and mix with the seasonings. Because the rice tofu is soft, carefully stir the tofu to mix. If under high heat (such as using gas cooker), cook for about 3-4 minutes should be enough.

Chinese Rice Tofu Cooked in Wok

•  Before finishing, add spring onions for a quick mix. Transfer the tofu to a plate, serve hot.  

Chinese Rice Tofu with Chilies
Chinese Rice Tofu with Chilies

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I made a cooking video for this dish so you can watch it here. You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel to get the regular update for more Chinese home cooking videos.

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