Chinese Vegetable Recipes

Chinese Spicy Eggplant (Video)

This Chinese spicy eggplant dish is our favourite salad dish in the summer. The eggplant is first cooked using a rice cooker. The softened eggplant is then seasoned by Chinese chilli bean paste, smashed garlic cloves, sugar and sesame oil, bursting with flavour.

Chinese Eggplant with Dry Mushroom (Video)

Chinese eggplant (aubergine) recipe inspired from a popular Hunan local dish, clay pot cooked eggplant (qiezibao 茄子煲). Adapted as a non clay pot version.

Chinese Cumin Tofu (Video)

Cumin is commonly used in our family dishes. Here is my father’s cooking for Chinese cumin tofu.

Chinese Mapo Tofu

Chinese Mapo Tofu (Video)

Our home cooking recipe for Chinese Mapo Tofu, soft tofu simply fried and seasoned by Sichuan pepper corns and chilli bean paste. Healthy and tasty!

 Chinese Rice Tofu

Our home cooking for Chinese rice tofu with green chili, garlic and pickled red chillies. Simple, healthy and tasty.

Chinese Sweet Tomato Salad

Chinese Sweet Tomato Salad (Video)

Our home cooking for a simple but lovely sweet dish, Chinese sweet tomato salad. A perfect cold dish for the summer.

Chinese Spicy Bean Sprout

Chinese Spicy Bean Sprout (Video)

A salad dish with the taste of Sichuan, sweet, sour and spicy hot. Our family favorite, a mouth watering dish for the summer.

Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup

Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup (Video)

Chinese home cooking recipe from my parents, Chinese tomato tofu soup, together with the dried seaweed and dried Chinese yellow flower vegetable (黃花菜). Simple, tasty and healthy.

Chinese Squash Cakes

Chinese Squash Cakes

Chinese squash cake is one of the popular sweet treats in China, which is available in many China's local restaurants. This recipe is my own version of squash cakes made by glutinous rice flour and kidney bean fillings.

Chinese Sweet Potato Cakes

Chinese Sweet Potato Cake

I made this Chinese sweet potato cake based on one popular Chinese food pumpkin cake (nan guan bing 南瓜饼). It is my first attempt, not perfect, but tastes good. Happy to share with you:)   

Chinese Wood Ear & Winter Melon Skin Soup

Chinese Remedy for Swollen Feet

Here is my father’s Chinese Remedy for swollen feet, a black wood ear and winter melon skin soup. My feet and ankles usually get swollen after long hours air travelling from UK to China. This soup is just a liitle treament for my feet:)

Chinese Spinach with Rice Noodle

Interested to see how Chinese cook spinach? Then here is another typical Chinese salad, Chinese spinach with rice noodle. Salt, sugar, vinegar and sesame oil, a simple and delightful Chinese salad.

Chinese Steamed Eggplant

This recipe is I learned from my parents’ home cooking, where they used the pressure cooker. The softened eggplant is seasoned by vinegar, sugar, hot chillies and smashed garlics, which is one of our favourite dishes in summer.

Chinese Squash with Garlic

Just my normal vegetable dish, really nothing complicated. If you like to make something simple and fast, perhaps this is the one to look.

Chinese Food Remedy for Constipation

Most Chinese prefer the food remedy to medicine as we think that all medicine have the side effects. Here is a Chinese food remedy for constipation based on what a Chinese doctor suggested for my father.

Chinese Shepherds Purse egg soup

Chinese Shepherds Purse Egg Soup

Having a Shepherds Purse egg soup is a folk custom on the third of March in Chinese Lunar calendar. A healthy fresh homemade soup with a lovely earthy smell.

Chinese Style Lettuce with Seafood

My own version of lettuce salad with Chinese taste by simply mixing with sesame oil and light soy source.

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