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This page continues with more examples of Chinese Breakfast, local food in China, which includes our food similar to flat bread, pan cake or pie, which we call it “Bing” 饼. If you travel to China, you may recognize most of them.

In this post I just show you some examples of different types of “Bing”. If you visit China, you may notice there maybe a slight difference from north to south, but most of them are similar to those I showed here.

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Chinese Breakfast: Jian Bing 煎饼

So, the first one is called “Jian Bing", one very popular one is "Jian Bing Guo Zi” (煎饼果子)。 You have seen many people posted videos on Youtube about how to make it in the street in China.

Originally it is most seen in the north such as Beijing, but now the whole country has it, may just slightly vary in their fillings.

Chinese Breakfast Jian Bing

How is it made?

The wrap is first made in a hot pan, similar like making crepes. Then you can add egg and spread it on the top. After the egg is slightly settled, flip the wrap upside down. Then brush some chili bean paste on the top and add something like fried dough sticks or crackers, garnished with spring onions. Final step is to wrap all stuff inside.

Here you have it :)

Chinese Breakfast Jian Bing

The one I had was from our Hunan local street market so it was slightly different to Beijing’s version. It does not have fried dough sticks, but has meat (bacon), plus some vegetables. Yummy, yummy:)

Chinese Breakfast Bing

Shou Si Bing (手撕饼)

In Chinese it is called Shou Si Bing (手撕饼),meaning “hand pulled”. From the name, it is not difficult to imagine how it is made, right? 

Chinese Brekfast "Bing"
Chinese Breakfast "Bing"

It is also stuffed with pork floss and ham.

Chinese Breakfast Bing with Pork Floss and Ham
Enjoy Chinese Breakfast Bing.

I think the above two types of “Bing” are similar to the pan cakes in the West, but we just add fillings.

Xian Bing 馅饼, or Jian Bing 煎饼

This type of Bing is similar to pie. In Chinese, we call those Xian Bing 馅饼, or Jian Bing 煎饼 (the fried one).

These bings are usually sold in the street food stalls or morning street market, such as this Bing stall in Beijing Huguosi Street.

It seems to have so many options, some of them I even don’t know how to translate. 

Chinese Food Stall of Bing

There are more inside the food shop. These are similar to the pork and vegetable stuffed pie.

Bing in China Food Shop.

These are more like wrap, so big, but look nice:)

Bing at China Food Shop.

Here is the one I had from our local street, stuffed with pork, leek and spring onions, packed in a small paper bag.

Chinee Breakfast Meat Stuffed Bing

As it is made fresh, the pork filling is tender and steaming hot, best serve immediately. Yea, no more photo taking now, got to eat ;)

Chinese Breakfast Meat Stuffed Bing

Ok, that’s the end for this page. I guess this is the last page for our breakfast in China, unless I find more examples for a new page in the future.

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(Posted: 06/02/15; update: 26/01/17)

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