China Xinjiang Attractions

Big thanks to @WaittingLee370 from Twitter for sharing the photos of China Xinjiang attractions, a brief introduction for the Heaven Pool, Jiaohe Ancient City and Moon Bay in Xinjiang, plus Dunhuan Mogao Grottoes in Gansu Province, northwest of China.

Xinjiang and Gansu are located at the northwest of China, which is bit remote region for me. But from the pictures from this visitor, they appear to have a lot of things to offer. If you like the wild nature, far away from the city, they are a place to consider.

For the rest part of Xinjiang and Gansu Attractions, the Chinese and photos are provided by @WaittingLee370, English and edited by me.

Xinjiang Attractions

1. Heaven Pool


One of the most famous attractions in Xinjiang is the Heaven Pool. This is the picture taken from the Heaven Pool. Because of the high altitude, it is cold even in the summer. According to the legend, there is a “water monster” showing up sometimes. But unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky to see it...

China Xinjiang Heaven Pool.

2. Moon Bay of Kanas Lake


Another one of famous Xinjiang attractions is the Moon Bay in Kanas Lake. It is beautiful in the way that the water is running through the channel like the crescent, very beautiful.

It is said in different seasons it has different views. It is a famous place for the tourists to take photography.    

China Xinjiang Kanas Lake Moon Bay

3. Jiaohe Ancient City


This picture is taken at Jiaohe Ancient City. Built in Han Dynasty, it is the largest, oldest and best-preserved earthen city in the world.

Because of the hot weather of this region, the buildings in the ancient city were dug from the earth, almost like the basement or half-basement. With time passing by, there is not many left on the ground any more.  

China Xinjiang Jiaohe Ancient City

4. Yardang Landform

这个是新疆的雅丹地貌(Yardang Landform)。“雅丹”是维吾尔语中“险峻的山丘”的意思,因为新疆的风力作用很强,而且又很干燥,所以河流的沉积物被风力侵蚀、流水冲刷,就形成了这种独特的样子。

The famous Yardang Landform in Xinjiang. In the local language Uighur, Yardang means the steep hills. The unique feature is formed due to the wind power and dry weather in Xinjiang.

China Xinjiang Yardang Landform

5. Wind Turbine


This picture shows the wind turbine in Xinjiang, which generates the electricity using the rich resource of wind power available from the local.

The Wind Turbine in Xinjiang China.

6. Xinjiang Turpan Grapes

这张拍的是吐鲁番盆地的葡萄。因为新疆的昼夜温差很大,所以这里的水果都特别甜,其中最有名的就是吐鲁番的葡萄啦!真的很甜很好吃,和平常吃过的葡萄完全不同~ 推荐在每年的8-9月去,这时候是吐鲁番的葡萄成熟的季节,能够吃到吐鲁番的葡萄才是没有白去一次新疆呀

These are the grapes growing in local Turpan Basin. Because the huge temperature difference between day and night, the fruits in Xinjiang are very sweet.

The most famous fruit here is the Turpan grapes, very sweet and delicious, totally different to the normal grapes.

Recommend go there during August and September, as that is the time for grape. The trip to Xinjiang is not completed without tasting the Turpan grapes! (I guess that's why the author considers this as one of the key Xinjiang attractions, Min:).    

China 6. Xinjiang Turpan Grapes.

Gansu Attractions

1. Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes

这张是离开新疆之后去敦煌拍的,是非常著名的敦煌莫高窟!因为要保护壁画和 塑像的原因,里面都不让拍照,这个是门口的九层佛塔,里面有一尊非常高大的佛像。

The picture is the famous Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in Gansu, taken after the trip in Xinjiang. In order to protect the wall paintings and sculptures, taking photo is not allowed inside. This is the outside entrance, a nine-storey Buddhism tower with a giant Buddha inside. 

China Gansu Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes

2. Crescent Lake


This shows the famous Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake. But due to many reasons, the water in the lake has been declined a lot. Not sure whether it would disappear completely in the future...

The Crescent Lake in Gansu China.

Information of Visiting Xinjiang & Gansu

I also asked some further information for visiting Xinjiang and Gansu, as these would be helpful for future visitors. 

The Weather in Xinjiang

新疆的气候很干燥,因为有时差却使用北京时间,夏天的时候新疆的日落要在北京时间的晚上九点左右,一开始会有些不适应~ .

The weather is very dry in Xinjiang. There is time difference with Beijing but still uses Beijing time, so the sunset in Xinjiang is about 9pm in Beijing time. (Note, she visited Xinjiang in the summer).

How to Get There?

How to get there? by air, train, or drive? It is bit remote place, will be ok to visit it by yourself, not joining a tour group?

新疆的话,我去的时候是跟随旅游团去. 旅游团的话,基本上会分北疆和南疆两条线。北疆是主要以观赏景点为主,大部分旅游团会走吐鲁番盆地、喀纳斯湖、天山天池这条线。

I was joining a group. For group tour, basically it has two options, one for south Xinjiang, another for the north part. The north part tour is mainly for sightseeing, include Turpan, Kanas lake, Hevean’s Pool.


For the south part tour, it has less attraction places, so mainly is to experience the local culture and customs, which may go to Keshi and Taklimakan Desert. The south Xijiang is even direr and hotter than north Xinjiang, but may have chance to ride the camel.

How about Drive in Xinjiang?

新疆的交通不是很方便,景点之间的距离又很远,所以如果不想跟团的话最好租车自驾。我查到的攻略上有特别提示,在新疆开车一定要特别特别遵守交通规 则,尤其乌鲁木齐市内,好像警察罚的比较严格。在公路上驾车要特别注意路上有很多的测速区,而且还会有大型牲畜或者骆驼路过,所以不要超速~

The transport in Xinjiang is not very convenient, the attractions are far from each other, so if you don’t like join the tour, it is better to hire a car to visit these places.

I found out from the web that driving in Xinjiang you need to follow the traffic rules, especially inside the Urumqi city, otherwise will get fined. Be careful not over speed, as there might be cattle and camels crossing the road.

Hope you find the information about Xinjiang Attractions (plus Gansu) is useful. Please share with others.

Once again, big thanks to the visitor @WaittingLee370. If you also have some wonderful travel photos or stories about food and travel in China, and like to share with everyone here, please contact me to find out more about how to contribute to this site, thank you:)

(Post: 30/03/15;update: 15/02/17)

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