Authentic Chinese Food Cooking Videos

This page listed some of our family cooking videos, but due to the page limitation, more videos are shown in my Youtube Channel.

A small number of videos are made by me, but most are made by my parents in China. I recorded their cooking and edited it into videos. Hope these videos can help you to learn how to cook Chinese food at home.

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To see the recipes, click the link for the videos, which will open a new page for the recipe.

Our family dish Chinese Red Cooked Rib Potato, using pressure cooker to cook for about 20 mins, lovely flavour. 

Easy Chinese home cooking for the Spicy Chicken Drumsticks.

This traditional Chinese dish Red Cooked Ji Yu (Carp) is based on my father's cooking in China.

The popular Chinese family dish Twice Cooked Pork Belly.

Here is my mother's signature dish Sichuan Tiger Skin Steamed Pork Belly (Kou Rou).  We have this dish in almost every important Chinese festival, or when there are guests vist our home for a meal.

Another Chinese fish recipe I learnt from my parents, Chinese Microwave Oven Fish (Cod).

My mum's home cooking for Chinese Kong Bao Chicken, I really liked it. Not difficult, but lots basic cooking skills involved. 

Our family cooking for Chinese Spicy Shrimps (Ji Wei Xia)

This is our family version of Chinese Spicy Lobsters made by my sister-in-law and she used Sichan spicy sauce for lobsters.

Here is me trying my mum's recipe to make Chinese egg dumplings. Bit messy, but it turns out not that bad looking, more important, it tastes good! :)  

Simple and healthy Chinese homemade Egg Tomato Soup.

A Chinese Eggplant with dry mushroom, which I learn from Hunan local dish, a clay pot cooked eggplant. But I made it a non-clay-pot verison.

Another eggplant dish, Chinese Spicy Eggplant, pressure cooker or steamer cooked eggplant seasoned with Sichuan style.

A tasty tofu dish with green chilli and cumin, Chinese Cumin Tofu.

My simple homecooking for Egg Tomato Meatall Soup Noodle.

Another noodle dish Sichuan Style Cold Noodle, which I learnt from my parents.  

Adapted from the cold noodle recipe, I made this Sichuan Style Chicken Noodle. Stir fried chicken with green chillies mixed with Sichuan salad sauce, salty, sweet,sour and spicy.

Popular chicken dish: Chinese Red Cooked Chicken with Dite Coke.

Chinese Sweet Sour Meatball, I learnt this from my mum. She usually makes this dish during the festival time.

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(Posted: 23/11/13; Update: 26/09/16)

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