Chinese Daily Food

This page is mainly about Chinese daily food. For people never been to China, it would be interesting to see what food we really have in the daily life. Because real Chinese food is far from what you see in your local Chinese takeaways.

Here You can find out what Chinese eat for breakfast, what are the sweet treats we usually have in China, from all kinds of dumplings to noodles. How about food from the China local food supermarket, or local open market where you can negotiate the price? The page also include the types of tofu and Chinese pickles.

Scroll down to see each section, click the title or image will open a new page with more details.

Chinese Breakfast

Chinese Daily Food: Breakfast (1) (Video)

People often ask me what Chinese really eat and how we cook or eat. So here I give some examples of our breakfast. Read more...

Chinese Steamed Meat Stuffed Buns

Chinese Daily Food: Breakfast (2)

More about the wheaten food like the steamed buns, fried dough stick and sticky rice balls. Read more...

Chinese Rice Dumplings Shao Mai

Chinese Daily Food: Breakfast (3)

Dumplings are traditional Chinese food. As for breakfast, there are three types of dumplings, Jiaozi, Shaomai and Zongzi. Read more...

Chinese Breakfast Bing

Chinese Breakfast (4)

This page gives more examples of Chinese Breakfast, which includes our food similar to flat bread, pan cake or pie, which we call it “Bing” 饼. If you travel to China, you may recognize most of them. I put many new pictures here, nice ones:) Read more...

Chinese Sweet Pumpkin Cakes

Chinese Sweet Treats (1)

Every country has its own ways to treat their sweet teeth, so what are the popular Chinese sweet treats? If you visit China, here are some examples you may see in China's local restaurants. Read more...

Chinese Sweet Sticky Rice Balls

Chinese Sweet Treats (2)

More examples of the sweet food that we have in our daily
meals, such as for breakfast, festival time and sweet salad:) Read more ... 

Chinese Homemade Yogurt

Chinese Homemade Yogurt (Video)

Have you thought about making yogurt at home? Here is how my parents make Chinese homemade yogurt, a good resource for calcium and can help our digestive system, plus it is really easy to make! Read more ...

Chinese Century Egg

Chinese Century Egg

Chinese Century Egg, called Pi Dan 皮蛋 or Song Hua Dan 松花蛋 in Chinese, is a very common food in Chinese daily eating. In this post I show you how we eat century egg at home. Read more ...

Chinese Chili Oil

Chinese Homemade Chili Oil

A simple step for our Chinese homemade chili oil, you will see how my parents make chili oil sauce by using the red chili flakes, black bean paste and hot oil. Read more...

China Local Food Market

China Local Food Market (1) Indoor Market

Talking about China local food market, I don’t mean the Chinese food supermarket located in the town centre, but those food markets near the locals’ residential area. This post is about the indoor market. Read more ...

China Local Street Market Fruit

China Local Food Market (2) Street Market

The journey in China local food market continues, this time is about the street market. Set up along the sidewalk, the street market is open and flexible. The best part, you may negotiate for a bargain :) Read more ...

China Local Food Market (3)

My last post for China local food market, with more local food seen from our street market. Plus a look at our morning street market selling breakfast. Read more ...

Healthy Chinese Eating Habits

Weight control without starving yourself? Maybe these healthy Chinese eating habits can help. See how Chinese eat and keep slim:) Read more ...

Chinese Daily Dishes on Table

Chinese Daily Meal

People often ask me what Chinese daily meal looks like and how we eat certain type of food. Here are four things about Chinese daily meal. Read more ...

Chinese Pickled Veg in Market

Chinese Pickles (1)

Here I show you some popular Chinese pickles from the local Chinese food market in Hunan, such as Chinese pickled radishes, Chinese mustard and more. Read more ...

Chinese Pickle Jar

Chinese Pickles (2) 

Here I show you some typical Chinese pickles jar from my parents’ home, plus an easy way to make a dish of Chinese pickled beans with minced pork. Read more ...

Chinese Snaks Beef Cubes

Chinese Snacks (1): Meat

Apart from Xiaochi, there is another type of Chinese snacks called Lingshi ((零食). In China Lingshi is something more than just biscuits and crisps. Here I show some of my favourite lingshi made from meat. Read more ...

Chinese Snacks Dried Plums

Chinese Snacks (2): Fruit, Peas and Seeds

Love my Chinese snacks, tasty and healthy! See some healthy Chinese snacks made from fruits, peas and seeds. Read more ...

Chinese Tofu Curd

Types of Tofu (1): Soft Ones

Chinese love tofu. There are so many types of tofu that Westerners may find confusing. What are the differences between A and B? Are they ready to eat? How we eat them? So check some examples here for the soft ones. Read more ...

Chinese Tasty Tofu

Types of Tofu (2)

Apart from the soft types of tofu, in this post, I show some examples of plain tasted white tofu and the ones with the flavors. Read more ...

China Food Supermarket Fish

China Food Supermarket: Fish

If you like fish or seafood, there are many choices available from the local China festood supermarket, however they may not exactly the same as those from the West. Read more ...

China Food Supermarket Cooked Meat

China Food Supermarket: Meat

What you may find from the local China food supermarket? Some foods are similar as those from the West, but more of them are typical Chinese stuff. Here are some pictures for the meat products from Hunan local food supermarket. Read more ...

Chinese Homemade Soup

Chinese Homemade Soup

What does Chinese homemade soup look like? What are the differences comparing our soup to the soup from the West? Here are some examples to show you the soup we had in our daily family meal.  Read more ...

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