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Chinese Spicy Shrimp (Video)

This Chinese spicy shrimp recipe is based on our family cooking for Jinga shrimp. In Chinese it is called Jiwei Xia (基围虾). We cooked the shrimps with green chilli and ginger, seasoned by a special Chinese hotpot sauce used for lobsters.

Jinga shrimp is usually found in south east of Asia, such as east China, Janpan, Philippine and Malaysia. In China, people can buy Jinga shrimp from the food supermarket, but the fresh ones are mainly coming from the south regions such as Guangdong and Hongkong. 

Jinga shrimp is very nutritious as it is good resource of protein and vitamins. The meat is tender and easy to digest. It is helpful to low blood cholesterol and good for the heart as well. 

As I see in the western countries, the shrimp or prawn sold in the supermarket usually has the shell removed. But in China the Jinga shrimp can be cooked with shell. The Jinga shrimp’s shell is thin and easy to remove by your teeth or fingers. Or, you can even eat the shell, which is good resource of calcium as well.

Once cooked, the shrimp turns into a beautiful colour with a mixed pink and orange. Because the shell can absorb lots flavour, sucking the tasty juicy from the shell is a part of eating and fun as well :)

Chinese Spicy Jinga Shrimp with Green Chilli.
Chinese Spicy Jinga Shrimp with Green Chilli.

Prep:  20mins  Cook: 15mins


•  200g Jinga shrimp (Jiwei Xia), head removed and inside cleaned
•  green chilli, cut
•  ginger, sliced
•  spring onions, cut
•  ½ tsp Chinese sauce for lobster (or other Chinese chilli paste)
•  2tbsp oil
•  ½ tbsp light soy sauce

Chinese Jinga Shrimps
Chinese Green Chili, Ginger & Spring Onions
Chinese Green Chili, Ginger & Spring Onions Cut

Method for Chinese Spicy Shrimp (Jinga Shrimp)

• To prepare the shrimp, cut and remove the shrimp’s head, and clean the stuff inside. Especially we would like to remove the “black line” at its back. Wash the shrimps afterwards and set aside.

Chinese Jinga Shrimp Cut
Chinese Jinga Shrimps

• Heat up the wok till smoky. Add oil and wait till high heat. Add shrimp and ginger to fry for about 3-5 minutes (depending on the heat), or until the shell turns to golden colour.

Chinese Jinga Shrimp Fry with Ginger

• Add the light soy sauce. If prefer, add salt to adjust the taste. Add green chillies, fry for several minutes till all ingredients are well mixed with shrimps.

Chinese Jinga Shrimp with Green Chilli

• To creat a special flavour, we use Chinese hotpot paste sauce for the lobster. This sauce has also been used in another recipe for Chinese Spicy Lobsters.

If you don’t have this sauce, you may replace it with the Chinese chilli bean paste, or other Chinese sauce you prefer or you can find in your local Chinese food shop.

Chinese Cooking Sauce for Lobsters.

• Add bit water and cover the lid to cook for several minutes so the shrimp can absorb all the flavour.

• Before finishing, add spring onions for a quick mix. Once done, serve immediately.

Chinese Spicy Jinga Shrimp with Green Chillies
Chinese Spicy Jinga Shrimp with Green Chilli.

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