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This Chinese chicken recipe is based on my parents' home cooking, the chicken fried with green chili is one common dish in our daily meals.

The key ingredient for this chicken recipe is corn starch flour, which is commonly used in Chinese cooking, particularly for cooking meat.  

One way to use starch flour is when you marinate the meat, to mix the starch with a bit water and other ingredients.

Using starch flour helps to keep the moisture inside so the meat will be tender; otherwise the meat may be hard or dry.

Another way is to add corn starch (mixed with water) at the end of cooking. The purpose is to absorb extra liquid so the final dish will look nicer.

In this Chinese chicken recipe we also used another famous Chinese ingredient called wood ear.

Wood ear is the black fungus grown on wood. It is very healthy, high in iron and fibre, low in cholesterol. It is good for blood circulation therefore helps to keep the healthy heart.

Wood ear itself does not have any special flavour except it is crunchy. But after cooking, it can soak up the flavour from other ingredients.   

The wood ear sold in market is the dried product. You need to soak it for hours before cooking.

Chinese Chicken Fried Green Chilli

Chinese Chicken Recipe: Chicken Fried with Green Chili

Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: 10 mins


  • 250g chicken breast
  • 3 green chili (medium hot)
  • 10g woody ear (soaked)
  • 1 tsp corn starch flour (mixed with water)
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tsp Chinese chili bean paste (optional)


  • cut the chicken breast into the thin threads. (You may watch the video to see how my father does it).
  • marinate chicken for 10 minutes using salt, soy sauce and corn starch flour (mixed with water).
  • cut green chili into thin slices.
  • cut soaked woody ear.


  • Heat the frying pan until it is very hot.
  • Add oil and wait till high heat.
  • Add chili bean paste to fry for half minute.
  • Add the sliced chicken to fry. Once you notice the meat becomes bit hard, it is time to take them out and set aside. Depending on the heat, it takes perhaps few minutes.
  • Add green chilies, woody ear and bit salt. Fry several minutes till the chilies are slightly withered.
  • Add chicken back and mixed with chili and wood ear, fry for about 3 minutes. Done.
Chinese Recipe Chicken Chilli Method.
Chinese Chicken Fried Green Chilli
Chinese Chicken Recipe: Chicken Fried with Green Chilli.


  • How long to fry the chilies and wood ear depends on what you prefer. If you prefer to keep the crunchiness of chilies and wood ear, fry them in shorter time.
  • Better to cut the meat into thin threads. Because the bigger the meat, the less taste it will have in the middle. 

I hope you find this Chinese chicken recipe is easy to follow. You may also use the same way to cook other type of meat with vegetables you like.

You can use this recipe to make other dish as well. See here I cooked another dish, chicken fried with broccoli and dry red chili. Look nice? :)

Chinese Chicken with Broccoli.

So, that’s it. Hope you like this simple recipe. If so, please Like it on Facebook and share with others :-)

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(Posted: 15/01/13; Update: 10/04/15)

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