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Hunan Farmhouse Food (Video)

Hunan farmhouse food becomes popular recent years. One reason is because people are tired of busy city life and looking for the break at countryside.

Another reason is the visitors also want to have the fresh farmhouse food, which is likely directly produced from the field.

During the time I visited my parents at last year June, our family spend one day to visit the Hunan Kongling Temple, a worship place about one hour drive from Zhuzhou city. It was a nice family day out and we also had a chance to enjoy the local farmhouse food.

China Hunan Farmhouse Food.

Farmhouse restaurants are usually located near the place can attract the tourists, just like this Kongling Temple.

China Hunan Kongling Temple Front Entrance.

For example, this farmhouse is just near the temple’s front entrance. It looks like a normal farmer residence, except they turn the ground floor into a restaurant.

Hunan farmhouse restaurant.

After ordering the food, we looked around the farmhouse. I noticed there was a huge steamer in the kitchen, judged by the size, I guess they also provide breakfast for locals too.

Hunan Farmhouse Steamer.

This is the farmhouse kitchen. Not sure how Gordon Ramsay would think about this, whether the kitchen can meet his standard? But I am sure the food will not let him down.

China Hunan  Farmhouse Kitchen.

Good thing about farmhouse food is that you can see all materials are picked directly from their backyard. Here are the fresh chives.

China Hunan Farmhouse Fresh Chives.

And eels, live! @_@ Looks bit scary, isn't it? and we are going to eat them. Poor eels. Sometime I feel human being is really cruel, but can we stop doing this?   

The eels are quite popular in Hunan local restaurants, particularly during early summer. Hunan locals have their own way to cook eels, the dish is called 口味鳝鱼 (Kou Wei Shan Yu), meaning Tasty Eels. 

The eels are prepared at the kitchen. I had the clip and will upload the video later so you can see how they did it.

I like they put the rice in a wooden container (what is it called in English? cask?), and use wooden spoon as well.

China Hunan Farmhouse Steamed Rice.

We ordered four dishes, two vegetables and two meat dishes. This is stir fried Chinese water spinach.

Hunan Farmhouse Food: Stir Fried Water Spinach.

Farmhouse squash. I love their plate. :) I cook squash at home too, click to see the recipe for squash.

China Hunan Farmhouse Squash.

Typical Hunan farmhouse food preserved pork. (Check my another post about hunan preserved meat see how we cook it at home).

China Hunan Farmhouse Preserved Pork.

The final one, Hunan tasty eels, salty, spicy hot, plus local ingredients called Zi Su and chives. My mum also make eels dish at home, but in Sichuan style.

China  Hunan Farmhouse Food: Tasty Eels.

It looks like snake? But in fact the eel's meat is surprisingly tender, much better than the snake.

China Hunan Farmhouse Food Eels.

All dishes are freshly made, using Hunan local ingredients. The total cost is 148RMB (about 15GBP), which is still reasonable price for four people.

This was not my first time to try Hunan farmhouse food, still enjoyed it very much. If you have chance to visit Hunan in early summer, don't miss the Hunan Tasty Eels, 口味鳝鱼 (Kou Wei Shan Yu), or Tasty Shrimp 口味虾, as it should be one of the Must try Hunan local dishes.

You may llike to see Hunan Preserved Meat, how we prepare and cook this at home. 

(post: 17/04/2013)

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