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China Local Food Market (3) Street Market

This page is my last post for China local food market, with more local food seen from our street market. Plus a look at our morning street market selling breakfast.

There are cooked meat product availabe from the street market too. For example, here we have the roasted ducks, you can buy a quarter or a half. They can chop it for you.

The seasonings will be provided in one plastic bag. Because Hunan locals prefer the food having a strong flavour (taste), the seasoning is usually very hot and spicy. They won’t mix the seasoning with the meat, so you can decide how much you want to have.

China Loca Food Market Roasted Ducks

The lady selling the spicy chicken even wears a microphone, so people can hear her voice and no one would miss her food stand.

China Local Food Market Vendor

The local farmer’s self-made dried fishes, which is popular to fry with the red chilli and pickled radish.

China Local Food Market Dried Fish

Here people are gathering to get xiang gan, one type of firm tofu.

China Open Market Tofu

Thie is another type of tofu, not that dry, it is also called xiang gan. If interested, you may find out more about types of tofu in China.

China Local Food Market Xiang Gan

China Local Food Market: Morning Market Selling Breakfast

Once finish shopping vegetables and fruits, cross the road, there is a small morning market, where food vendors sell the breakfast to people on their way to work place.

In our place, it is very normal that people get up in the morning, go to the local food market to buy breakfast. We may have breakfast in home, or have breakfast in the street food stall.

For people going to work, or high school students, they may just grab some breakfast from the street market, and bring the food to the work place to finish. This morning market is just made for this purpose.       

China Local Street Food Market

There are number of food stands set up along the road near the roundabout.

China Local Street Food Market

The food stands all have wheels, so it will be easy to move away once the market is over.

China Local Street Food Market Stalls

Let’s look what breakfast Chinese locals have. Here is the popular You Tiao, fried dough sticks, and fried sticky rice balls. 

China Local Food Street Market Breakfast You Tiao

They use a motor tricycle to carry their stove and big wok. Plus a wood plate and a couple of trays, a easy and handy work platform is sorted. How clever it is!

China Local Street Food Market Breakfast Stall

Here they are using electronic stove to make “Bing”, a food similar as  meat stuffed pie.

China Local Stree Food Market Breakfast

The Jian Bing Guo Zi is one of my favourites. It is the egg pan cake with hotdog sausages, bacons and vegetables, seasoned by chilli bean paste.

China Local Street Food Market Breakfast

It looks really yummy, right? tastes great too :)

Chinese Breakfast Jian Bing

Of course, the steamed and fried dumplings are always there, I love them.

China Local Street Food Market Dumplings

If interested, you may see what breakfast we have bought here in Chinese Breakfast (4).

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(Posted: 09/03/15)

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