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Chinese Breakfast (2)

In my last post Chinese Breakfast (1), I have introduced the breakfast like congee, rice wine and noodle soup. Here are more examples of steamed buns, fried dough sticks and rice balls.

Apart from those soup or liquid types of breakfast, we also have the wheaten food (flour-made food). The most common ones you will see are the steamed buns, dumplings, fried dough sticks, flat bread or food like pastry or pie (just we name them differently).

6. Popular Chinese Breakfast: Fried Dough Stick (You Tiao) and Rice Ball (You Tuo)

Fried dough stick (You Tiao, 油条) is one of my favourite choices. It is slightly salty and crispy outside. It makes a fabulous combination with sweet rice congee.

Chinese Breakfast
Chinese Breakfast Fried Dough Sticks & Rice Balls
Chinese Breakfast Fried Dough Sticks & Rice Balls

The glutinous rice ball (You Tuo,油坨) is slightly sweet and chewy, which I would go with plain rice congee and salty tofu bean curd.

Both of these can be bought from the local food market, but it is better to have those freshly made in the morning, warm, crispy outside and chewy inside. Yummy,

In recent years, people have more concerns for these deep fried food because they are not good for health if eat too often. So, don't eat them everyday, but should definitely give it a try:)

7. Steamed Buns (Man Tou)

If you travel in China, you may see the steamed buns (ManTou, 馒头) everywhere. In the south, steamed bun is commonly for breakfast and rice is for lunch and dinner. In the north, steamed buns can be available for all three meals, just like bread in the west country.

Chinese Breakfast: Steamed Buns

The steamed buns can be plain taste or stuffed with minced meat, sweet red beans or chopped vegetables. Those buns with fillings are called Bao Zi, 包子.

Chinese Steamed Meat Stuffed Buns

People like my parents know how to make buns at home. But nowadays, it is easy to buy from the street, food stalls or supermarket.

These are the meat stuffed buns in the local food market.

Chinese Steamed Meat Stuffed Buns.

As seen in this picture, people are buying the steamed buns at the street corner.

People buy steamed buns from street in China.

There are more choices of steamed buns are available in the food supermarket. Even with different colour!? The black buns are made from buckwheat? (if my translation is correct.)

Chinese Steamed Buns in Food Market.

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(Posted: 03/10/12; Update: 20/02/17)

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