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Xian Dayan Pagoda Square

In my last post, I have introduced Xian Dayan Pagoda Square and Music Fountain. This time is about the surrounding area.

Apart from the famous music fountain, Xian Dayan Pagoda Square has many featured sculptures and gardens around the pagoda and temple, which give the locals and tourists wonderful resorts for free.

Many locals like to come here for the night walking after dinner. It is a perfect place for kids to play around as well.

The surrounding areas have a lot things to look at. There is a street market beside the square, with shops selling art crafts and souvenirs to the locals and tourists.

Xian Dayan Pagoda Square

The sculptures in the Xian Dayan Pagoda square.

Xian Dayan Pagoda Square Sculpture
Xian Dayan Pagoda Square Sculpture
Xian Dayan Pagoda Square Sculpture

The side view of the Chinese traditional gate. 

Xian Dayan Pagoda Square Gate

The square is a place for locals to relax, especially at the weekend, so be prepared to meet the crowd.

Xian Dayan Padoga Square Night

Food near Xian Dayan Pagoda Square

There are many restaurants at nearby streets, so no need to worry about the food.

I had dinner at a local snack restaurant, just near the square. I ordered some simple Chinese dishes.

This is the spicy cold mung noodle (jelly), called Liang Fen 凉粉, seasoned by red chilli oil, black bean paste, roasted peanuts and spring onions.

Chinese Spicy Cold Mung Noodle

This is one of my favourite snack dish in the summer. If visit China, you may see this dish in many street markets, but each region may have slight difference in using seasonings. 

Chinese Spicy Cold Mung Noodle
Chinese Spicy Cold Mung Noodle

Another one I like is the fried dumplings, quite normal food in China.

Chinese Fried Dumplings

It comes with a bowl of red chilli oil as the dipping sauce.

Chinese Fried Dumplings

Of course, don't forget to have something sweet, these are the fried pumpkin cakes. (nan ga bing, 南瓜餅)

Chinese Fried Pumpkin Cakes.

It is not sweet as the western style desserts, crispy outside, slightly sweet and chewy inside (has sticky rice).

Chinese Fried Pumpkin Cakes.

If interested, you may click the link to see more about Chinese sweet treat in China local restaurants.

Here is the clip I made with all photos in this page.

How to Get There

If you have read my other post about my Xian two days trip, you might know that I visited Dayan Pagoda after visiting Xian City Wall.

How did I get here? I took the local’s motor tricycle, from City Wall to Xian Dayan Pagoda square, price RMB30.

Because it was so fun, I decided also took it again from the square back to my hotel near the Drum Tower, RMB30.

I found it was better than taxi because it was very convenient and flexible, won’t be stuck in the traffic. In the summer, it was really cool as well.

Of course, you can always take taxi. But I found it was hard to get one, as I am not a local, didn’t know where I supposed to be to wait for taxi.  

There are public transport available. Bus Route: 5, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, will stop at Dayan Padgda South Square.

(Post: 16/03/2015; update 05/03/17)

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