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Xian City Wall (2)

This page is the 2nd page for my experience in Xian City Wall.

On Xian City Wall, Walk or Bike Hiring?

The top of wall is a quite open space, much more spacious than I expected. I used to plan to walk along the wall, but later found out it would take a very long time.

As seen from this map, from West Gate to South Gate, it is about 3km? seems to be less 1/4 of the total distance of the wall.

So, if plus the time to take photos and look around, it will likely to take 2-3 hours at least to walk along the whole wall. But if you have enough time, that won’t be a problem.

China Xian City Wall
China Xian City Wall Map

There are electrical cars for tourists, but the best way should be cycling around the wall. So, girls, don’t wear tiny skirt as I did, which I really regretted to miss the chance to ride the bike on the wall.

Price (in August 2014) was about RMB45 for single bike and RMB90 for tandem bicycle, for about 100 minutes? Sorry, can’t remember the exact number. But I think it is definitely worth to try.

Bike riding seems a good fun, highly recommended.

For me, it was pleasant even just walking along the wall, since nowadays it is hard to find a tourism spot peaceful like this. Enjoy the peaceful and historical surrounding.

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China Xian City Wall

The nearby buildings appear to preserve the traditional style, such as the top of these buildings.

China Xian City Wall
China Xian City Wall Nearby Building Top

This is the view for outside the Wall.

China Xian City Wall

Inside City Wall, it seems to have more interesting things. You can see the road and buildings nearby.

China Xian City Wall Inside

The modem buildings behind the wall look like the background for the Wall. Contrast of old and modern?

China Xian City Wall & Buildings

There are also restaurants along the nearby street.

Restaurant inside Xian City Wall.

The most interesting one I noticed was this, seemed like a tea house. As you can see the table settings and customers sitting there.

Tea house inside Xian City Wall.

The waitresses were wearing the blue traditional Chinese cloth. One seemed was preparing the food, another was serving the guests.

The whole image seemed like to tell a story. For me, it was more like an interesting scene taken from an illustration book :)

Tea house inside Xi'an City Wall

Xian City Wall South Gate

China Xian City Wall South Gate Tower

Once arrived the South Gate, there are more tourists around.

China Xian City Wall East Gate

The gate looks to have a similar structure as the West Gate, but with some big drums in the middle area “Weng City”.

China Xian City Wall East Gate
China Xian City Wall Drum

Well, that’s it, my city wall trip ends here. My next spot will be the Xian Dayan Tower (Great Wild Goose Tower).

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(post: 28/01/2015)

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