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Hunan Preserved Pork Dish

Hunan preserved pork is a popular regional food in China. Here you can see how we prepare and make the preserved pork dish with vegetable.

I have some friends from the West have some concerns about the meat with skin and fat. In China, we usually keep the skin and it is considered as a natural resource for beauty.

Do you know there is a major structural protein called collagen in the skin, which helps to make your skin strong and elastic?

For this Hunan preserved pork dish, we usually use the ingredients like hot red chillies, black beans and salted white radish, which is often used in Hunan local restaurants. (The salted white radish is usually available in your local Chinese food market.)

Chinese Hunan Preserved Pork  with Vegetable.

Prep: 20 mins   Cook: 10 mins


  • preserved pork
  • vegetables such as pepper or radish
  • Chinese salted white radish (option)
  • Dry red chillies
  • Chinese black beans
  • oil
  • leek
Chinese Hunan Preserved Pork with ingredients.

How We Make Hunan Preserved Pork Dish

In China when cook the preserved meat at home, we need to deal with the hard skin first, because the preserved meat is usually very dry and the skin part is hard to bite.

First we use the fire to burn the skin.

Chinese Prepare Hunan Preserved Pork.

Afterwards, notice the skin surface has changed.

Chinese Hunan preserved pork skin after being burnt.
Prepare Chinese Hunan Preserved Pork.

Clean the skin surface and boil the meat until it is cooked and skin is softened. The preserved meat is usually salty. Boiling helps to reduce the saltiness and bring out the rest of flavour.

This is how we prepare the dry meat in China. But if the preserved meat is packed and sold within the vacuumed bag, you can just boil them for 20 mins till the skin is softened.

Cook Hunan Preserved Meat At Home.
Cook Hunan Preserved Meat At Home.

Once the meat is cooked, we slice the cooked preserved pork and set aside. This can be used directly to make a "cold plate" dish.

Slice Cooked Chinese Hunan Preserved Pork.

Here we can also cook them with other veggies. Heat the frying pan until it is very hot. Add oil and wait till high heat.

Add dry red chillies and black beans to try for 1-2 minutes. Then add slice preserved pork to fry for several minutes.

Fry Chinese Hunan Preserved Pork with ingredients.

Add the vegetables (samll radish here) to fry and mix well with ingredients. Cook for 3-5 minutes. Serve immediately.

Fry Chinese Hunan preserved pork with vegetables.

I also made this dish using red pepper another time, with ginger, red pepper, green chilli and Chinese salted white radish. This is how it looks. Nice? :)

Chinese Hunan Preserved Pork with Veg.

For this preserved pork dish, the lean meat part is less tasty than the fat, and the skin part is always my favourite bit. I am not sure how to describe its texture, chewy? elastic? Well, hope you get the point :)

Hope you like this dish. You may like see more about Hunan preserved pork and other types presvered meat in local food market.

(Post: 28/02/14; update: 16/03/17)

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