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Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup (Video)

This Chinese home cooking dish for Chinese tomato tofu soup is made by my father.  The tomato and tofu are cooked with the dried seaweed and dried Chinese yellow flower vegetables (黃花菜). Simple and healthy. Scroll down to watch the cooking video.

Tomato and tofu are very often used in our Chinese homemade soup, such as the Chinese tomato egg soup

In this soup, my father also included two more ingredients, the dried seaweed and the dried Chinese yellow flower vegetable. The closest term I can find for this ingredient in English is "Daylily". In China we use the dried daylily as the ingredient, mostly used for soup.

In China eating and cooking is not just about food taste, but always link to nutrition and health care. My father always reads a lot about the nutrition behind our daily cooking. Here is what he says about this Chinese tomato tofu soup.

西红素对前列腺有好的保健作用.紫莱含镁对调节人心率很好 黄花可防痴呆、豆付是人植物蛋白质主要耒原. Meaning: Tomato is good at health caring for the prostate; seaweed is rich in Magnesium which is good for heart; the dried yellow flower vegetable (daylily) may help for prevention of dementia. Tofu is a good resource of protein.

These all sound good, but I am not sure how much of these are based on the scientific facts or just from Chinese traditional perception on food and health. 

The soup is easy to make, light, tasty and healthy:)

Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup

This is my parent’s lunch table, which includes this tomato tofu soup, green beans, Chinese cabbage, steamed squash and Chinese duck potato.

Chinese Daily Meal. My parents' lunch.

作法:西红柿切块入锅中油炒,目的是使西红素见you后溢出让人体吸收,再放水适量.加木耳黄开锅2分加紫菜和豆付. 再开锅3分钟放盐少量出锅.

Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 10 mins

•   2 tomatoes  
•   2 soft tofu
•   Chinese dried yellow flower
•   dried seaweed
•   oil, salt

This is the dried yellow flowers. Unlike the dried mushrooms or black wood ears, they don’t need to be soaked in advance. They don’t have any strong smell and usually taste a little bit acid in the soup.

Chinese Yellow Flower Vegetable

Chinese dried seaweed.

Chinese Dried Seaweed

Method for Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup

• Cut tomato. Cut tofu into small cubes.

Chinese Tomato Cut
Chinese Tofu Cut

• Heat up the wok and add oil to fry the tomato first. The reason of frying is to help tomato to release the Lycopene so it can be easily absorbed by our body.

The lycopene has many health benefits, such as a cancer fighting agent and a powerful antioxidant.

• Fry tomato for 1-2 minutes. Add water and seaweed. Bring the soup into a boil. Cook for 2 minutes.

Chinese Tomato and Seaweed

• Add tofu and dried yellow flowers. Cook for 3 minutes. Add bit salt to adjust the taste before finish.

Chinese Tomato Tofu Cook

Once finish, serve immediately.

Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup

Here is the cooking video for this soup, which used some different ingredients, but the way of cooking is the same. Hope you like it, and subscribe to my Youtube channel to get regular update.

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(Posted: 07/06/15; Update: 24/03/16)

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