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Chinese Sweet Treats (2)

In my last post, I have shown you some Chinese sweet treats (1) in our local restaurants. This time, I’d like to show you the sweet food that we have in our daily meals.

Chinese Sweet Treats in Daily Meals

Starts from the Chinese breakfast, we have the sweet sesame sticky rice balls. It is deep fried, so it is crunch outside but chewy inside.

Don’t worry, they are not too sweet, otherwise you can’t eat that much, so that is the good part. There is also another type rice ball, which is stuffed with sweet red beans inside.

Chinese Sweet Sticky Rice Balls

You may or may not notice that the mashed sweet red bean is very commonly used as our sweet food.

If you visit China, you will notice that the steamed buns stuffed with sweet red beans are very common as our breakfast. In Chinese, it is call Dou Sha Bao (豆沙包)

Even in the UK, I can buy these from the Chinese food market, in the frozen food section.

Chinese Frozen Sweet Bean Buns

After 15 minutes of steaming, they taste just as good as freshly made.

Chinese Steamed Sweet Red Bean Buns

You may also see the sweet red bean or red rice congee served as breakfast. In some UK’s Chinese restaurants, this is served at the end of the meal.

Chinese Sweet Red Rice Congee

The sweet rice wine (Tian Jiu甜酒)  is also popular for breakfast. It is usually sold in a pack. Just add several spoon of it into a boiling water, you can make a sweet rice wine soup.

We normally mix this soup with the dropped egg or poached egg, in Chinese it is called Tian Jiu Chong Dan, 甜酒冲蛋. It can be served with fried dough sticks or steamed buns.

Chinese Sweet Wine Rice

We would have some special Chinese sweet treats for the festival time. For the Spring Festival, my mum would make the eight treasures rice, the teamed sticky rice topped with eight types of dried fruits. It is a traditional Chinese new year dish. You can check the recipe for eight treasure rice here.

Another famous festival sweet food is Tang Yuan, 汤圆,sticky rice balls in soup, usually served at Lantern Festival.

My mum usually makes different types of fillings, such as the red bean mash, the mixed nuts flavour one which is called Wu Reng, 五仁, (meaning “five types of nut”), and the black sesame ones. 

If you can’t make it yourself, you can find these from the frozen food section in local Chinese food market.

These are the ones I got from the UK’s Chinese food market, frozen ones.

Chinese Frozen Rice Balls and Wonton

Usually we have the white sticky rice balls, but these are made from the red rice with sweet red bean fillings.

Chinese Sweet Rice Balls (Tang Yuna).

As I said before, we normally don’t have the dessert in our daily meal. But occasionally, such as in the festival, my parents would make a big table dishes, they might also make one sweet dish, and that is the sweet tomato salad

It is very simple to make, just use the boiled water to remove the tomato skin, then cut and mixed with sugar.

Chinese Sweet Tomato Salad

It has this well-balanced sweet and natural sour tastes from the tomato, particularly the juice, is very lovely. It is my favourite salad dish in the summer.

Chinese Sweet Tomato Salad

Ok, that’s it for this post. Next time, I will show you some examples of Chinese sweet snacks, so stay tuned :)

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(Posted: 20/02/15)

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