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Chinese Noodle Soup with Egg & Veggie (Video)

Here is our home cooking recipe for Chinese noodle soup with egg and veggie. The soup is made from the fried egg, green vegetable and Chinese black wood ears. It is perfect choice when we want a quick meal with a lovely taste. Scroll down to watch the video.

Noodle soup is a big part of Chinese daily eating, especially in the north of China, where people eat more wheaten food than the south.  If you visit northern China, you will see the noodles freshly made by using different techniques.

The well-known noodles include the knife-cut noodle (Dao Xiao Mian, 刀削面), hand-pulled noodle (La Mian, 拉面) and Biang Biang noodle (belt noodle). The soup for the noodle is usually made by meat or bone stock with rich flavour after long hours of cooking. The popular flavours are beef, lamb, pork ribs or pickled sour vegetables.

Compared to the north, people in the south eat more rice in their daily food. The noodle can be made by wheat flour or rice flour. For example, in Hunan, we usually have the rice noodle soup for the breakfast. You can buy the fresh made noodle from the market, or buy the dried noodle sold in the pack.

In our home, my parents usually make the noodle soup when they want a quick easy meal, either for breakfast or lunch. This recipe is how they make Chinese noodle soup by fried egg, vegetable and Chinese black wood ear. They like to use the wood ear in many of their home cooking, as it is very healthy ingredient, which can help to low the blood cholesterol.    

Chinese Noodle Soup with Egg & Veggie
Chinese Noodle Soup with Egg & Veggie


•  250g noodle
•  3 eggs
•  20g Chinese black wood ears, soaked
•  green leaf veggie such as spinach    
•  leek, cut into 1 inch long
•  3 tbsp oil to fry egg
•  1 tbsp light soy sauce
•  1 tsp Chinese chilli bean paste
•  salt  

Method for Chinese Noodle Soup with Egg & Veggie

•  Use warm water to soak wood ears in advance, about 30 minutes. If you don’t have this ingredient, you may leave it.

•  Cut the leek into 1 inch long, then slice it into threads. Wash leaf veggie if needed.

•  Prepare the soup. Heat up the wok, add oil and wait till hit heat. Fry the eggs until both sides turn to golden brown.

•  Add about one and half cup water or stock. For the taste, seasoning the soup with light soy sauce and Chinese chilli bean paste. Adjust the taste by adding salt if needed.

•  Cook the soup for several minutes, add leaf veggie and black wood ears. Cook for two more minutes. Transfer the soup into the three bowls, with one egg each bowl. Set aside.

Chinese Soup with Egg & Veggie

•  To cook the noodle. Add water in the wok and bring it to a boil. Cook noodle for about 3-5 minutes or follow the instruction on the noodle package.

Cooking Chinese Noodle

•  Once the noodle is cooked, drain the noodle. Pour the noodle into the soup, mix well with the soup. Serve hot.

Chinese Noodle Soup with Egg & Veggie

Watch the cooking video for this Chinese noodle soup here. It is posted on my Youtube channel. Please subscribe to my channel to get the regular update.

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