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I am not sure how many foreign friends would like Chinese chicken feet, or not feel disgusted with it. But no matter what, chicken feet is very common food in Chinese’s daily eating, you may see it served as a single dish or a soup, and perhaps most time, as the snack!

Since I have lived in the West for a while, I know that many westerner can’t get the fact that Chinese would eat the chicken feet. Because in the West, it is normal to see the chicken breast, thighs and wings in the market, but never chicken feet (unless in Chinese food market).

I know many foreigners don’t understand why we would eat chicken feet. I used to have one English housemate, she couldn’t get why Chinese would eat chicken feet because she thought that was not clean and disgusting. 

But for Chinese, having a big chunk of chicken breast is just far too boring and lack of taste and texture. Chinese consider that the “smaller” the meat, the better the taste. That’s why we would prefer wings or necks than the breast meat. If it is breast meat, we would cut it into thin threads before cooking.    

For many foreigners, some Chinese food maybe just beyond the thinkable, pig head, ox tails, duck necks, it seems that Chinese can eat anything. 

Chinese love the chicken feet so much that we even make them as the snack food. In China, the cooked meat can be very popular snack, such as the dried beef, spicy fish and duck meat and five spiced chicken feet.

The meat snacks are well seasoned and sold in a small pack, very convenient for snacking. Chicken feet is also a popular snack food n China. You can find more about Chinese Meat Snacks here.

Back in our home, my mum would like to make this dish, using hot chillies and different seasonings, which makes a very tasty dish. Sometime, if we couldn’t finish the dish once, she would have them as the snack food, having them when she was watching TV :)

Chinese Chicken Feet with Chilli
Chinese Chicken Feet with Chilli


•  chicken feet, cleaned and nail removed
•  For boiling, Sichuan pepper corns and ginger
•  red and green chilies, sliced 
•  ½ tsp Chinese chili bean paste
•  2 tbsp oil
•  ½ tsp salt
•  ½ tbsp soy sauce

Chinese Chicken Feet Chilli Ingredients

Method for Chinese Chicken Feet

•  Bring the water to the boil, add the cleaned chicken feet, Sichuan pepper corns and ginger (smacked). Cook for about 5-10 minutes.

How long to cook is depended on whether you prefer the chicken feet to be bit chewy or not. Some people prefer to cook less time, so it will have a bite.

•  Once cooked, drain the chicken feet and remove the pepper corns and gingers. Set aside.

Chinese Chicken Feet Boiling

•  Heat up the wok, add oil and wait till high heat. Add chicken feet to stir fry. Add Chinese hot chili bean paste, soy sauce and salt for taste.

Chinese Chicken Feet Fry

•  Keep frying for about 5 minutes or till all ingredients are well mixed. Add red and green chilies, fry for several minutes more till well mix with chicken feet.

Chinese Chicken Feet with Chilli

•  Add water or stock. Cover the lid till the chicken feet are fully cooked, or till the liquid is gone. Once cooked, serve immediately.

Chinese Chicken Feet Cook

This Chinese chicken feet dish is full of flavor, tasty good both in hot and cold. So if cannot finish it once, the left ones can be eaten as the snacks, like my mum would do:)

Chinese Chicken Feet Dish
Chinese Chicken Feet Dish
Chinese Spicy Chicken Feet
Chinese Spicy Chicken Feet

If you like to try it, you may find the chicken feet in your local Chinese food markets, in the frozen food section.

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(Posted: 19/03/15;Update:06/06/15)

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