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China Local Food Market (2) Street Market

The journey in China local food market continues, this time is about the street market. Set up along the sidewalk, the street market is open and flexible. The best part, you may negotiate for a bargain :)

Unlike the indoor market which is located inside a building, the street market is just along the sidewalk. Therefore there is no fixed stands for the vendors.

The best part of the street market is that, you may negotiate the price. That’s why my mum always like to go there ;)

China Local Food Market: Street Market

In my hometown, the street market is located outside of the indoor market building. Due to the environment protection, the street market is only allowed to open in the morning. After it is closed, people can still buy food from the indoor market.

All food in the street market is freshly brought here by vendors.
Some vendors are the middlemen, but most of them are the farmers, who grow the foods in their field and sell them to the customers at the street market.

Since there is no food stall, most foods are just placed on the ground.

Chinese Local Street market

The food is either placed on top of the cloth or the plastic layer.

China Local Street Market

Customers can select the food they like, of course, from the ground. So no fancy dress here, wearing casual is normal and better. 

China Local Street Market

Vendors have to use their own tools to bring food to the market. Some really come with the clever ways.

For example, I don’t know what this basket is called in English, but you can see it is convenient for farmers to carry their vegetables.

China Local Street Market Squash
China Local Street Market Vegetables

In this picture, this man uses a tricycle, which is not only the transport but also used as his food stand. Really handy, isn’t it?

China Local Street Market Rice Tofu

He is selling the local made rice tofu. I have a cooking video for this, will post on my Youtube channel in the future.

China Local Street Market Rice Tofu

The basket is definitely convenient to carry the homemade honey!

China Local Street Market  Honey

Fruits such as plums and grapes are put in the boxes.

China Local Street Market Plums Grapes

A man is picking the tomato from the box.

China Local Street Market Tomato

In the summer, water melons and white melons are very popular.

China Local Street Market Fruits
China Local Street Market Water Melons

Of course, you can guess these water melons are coming from a place far away from here, as they are carried by a motor car.

China Local Street Market Water Melon in Car

Lovely peaches, in Chinese it is call Shui Mi Tao 水蜜桃。 

China Local Street Market Peach
China Local Street Market Peach

Some farmers use the electronic scale, but many still use the traditional scale to weight the food.

China Local Street Market , Man Using Scale

You can find the ducks and chicken here, live :), and fresh eggs as well.

China Local Street Market Ducks Chicken
China Local Street Market Ducks Eggs

Interesting, a local is selling the salt-covered quail eggs, which I had never seen before. The board behind says these eggs are very nutritious.

China Local Street Market Quail Eggs

The frogs are packed in the web. The frogs in the left side are from the field, the ones in the right are much bigger, called Niu Wa. Hunan locals like to make the hot spicy frog dish, very tasty.

China Local Street Market Frogs

Normally once you buy the live animals, they can help you to prepare them as well. For example, these are the eels.

China Local Street Market Eels

Beside them, you can see a man can help you to prepare and “clean” the eels, make them ready to cook.

China Local Street Market  Eels

If you are interested, you may watch one of my videos, which shows you how Hunan local clean and cook the eel dish.
To be continued, China Local Food Market (3).

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(Posted: 06/03/15)

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