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China Food Supermarket (1): Meat

What food you may find from the local China food supermarket? Some foods are similar as those from the West, but more of them are the typical Chinese stuff.

Here are some examples of the meat products from Hunan local food supermarket.

Last year I went back to China and had a quick look around at our local food supermarket. I was surprised that how much the China food supermarket has been changed in terms of size of the market and choices of food.

There are food similar as those from the West. For example, the raw meat is cleaned and well packed in the box, with the price shown on the top.

China Food Supermarket Meat.

There are ducks and chickens which have already prepared for you.

China Food Supermarket Ducks

Of course in China food supermarket, you will defiantly see something with “Chinese style”. For example, this is the duck gizzards. I don’t think I will find this in the UK market.

We hardly bought these from the supermarket before. Only when we had a whole duck, we would keep the gizzards and cook them. In home, my mum usually cooks these with the hot chillies and her homemade Sichuan pickles. 

China Food Supermarket Duck Gizzards.

These are the duck intestines. If you visit Hunan, you will find this in the local restaurants. They are usually fried with chillies, taste salty and spicy.

Food at China Local Food Market: Duck Intestines.

Well, raw chicken feet and duck feet!!I know most westerners feel strange about these, but we do eat them. If we make chicken soup, we will keep the feet. (see this post about Chinese homemade soup). We even make chicken feet as snacks, which you may find them from the place for snacks.

China Local Food  Market: Chicken & Duck Feet.

The food supermarket also has many choices for the cooked meat. We normally use them to make a “cold plate”, a cold dish with different type of cooked meat placed in one plate. If prefer, we may also quick fry the meat with other ingredients to make a new dish.

China Local Food Market: Cooked Meat.

See, here are the cooked chicken feet. (I don't know why I seemed so keen to recommend these? ;) But if you visit china, you really should try this, nice go with beer. The food near the feet are the cooked pig ears. @_@.

China Local Food Market: Chicken Feet.

This is the ox tripe, which is more expensive than chicken feet.

China Local Food Market: Ox Tripe

I even found something even more interesting here, the cooked pig head!!

China Local Food Market: Cooked Pig Head.

Apart from the whole head, there are also the separated parts from the pig, such as pig ears, tongues, pig tails and pig trotters. Well, we just waste nothing, right? 

These meat products are well seasoned after long processing, usually very tasty and you won’t smell anything strange or unpleasant. They can be served as cold dishes, or “xia jiu cai”, a dish to go with alcohols.         

Apart from these, you can also see the preserved meat products.

Chinese Food Hunan Cured Sausages.

You may check another post about the Hunan preserved meat. I will show more pictures about aquatic products in China food supermarket next time.

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(Posted:30/06/13; Update: 25/11/14)

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