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Bus to Terracotta Army

This page is about how to take bus to Terracotta Army from Xian train station. I will add another post about this attraction itself later.

If you travel to China, the Xian Terracotta Army (or Terracotta Warriors) is a must visit place. In this page, I mainly give some detailed information on how to get Terracotta Army by taking bus. Which Bus route to take? Where to take it? and price and time.

Which Bus to Terracotta Army? Tourism Bus 5 (306)

There is a bus route especially runs from Xian Railway station to Terracotta Army, which is Tourism Bus 5 (also numbered as Bus 306).

Because it is specially run for Terracotta Army, it has only one stop at Huaqing Hot Spring, which is another attraction in Xian famous because of the love story of Tang and Yang Guifei.

The journey to Huaqing Hot Spring is about 50 minutes, 10 minutes later, it arrives to Terracotta Army. So the total journey from the train station to Terracotta Army is about one hour.

You may see from other website mention that there is another bus, Bus 914, which also goes to Terracotta Army. True, but it has more stops in the middle, which takes about one and half hour.

I pointed this out, because when I came back, this Bus 914 was also lined up outside together with Bus 5 (306). I didn't know it had more stops, so took me longer to get back to city center. If your time is tight, better to make sure you take the right one.

Bus Ticket Price

In 2014, I bought the ticket on the bus as there was one staff selling ticket on bus. Maybe in the future it will change, not sure. They don’t sell return ticket. The price for one single ticket is RMB 7 yuan (in 2014). You can drop off at Huaqing Hot Spring if you want.

Where to Take the Bus? Outside Xian Train Station

You need to take this Tourism Bus 5 at Xian train station. I stayed at Xian Melody Hotel, a hotel facing Drum Tower, there was a bus stop outside the hotel, the Bus 205 straightforward took me to the train station. This Bus costs RMB2 yuan and takes about 20 minutes from Drum Tower to Xian train station.    

This is Xian Train Station.

China Xian Train Station
China Xian Train Station Bridge

The center bus station is oppersite the train station, but for the bus goes to Terracotta Army, you don’t need go to the bus station, instead, just wait at outside (left) of the train station.

There is area specially arranged for Tourism Bus 5 (306), see these green and blue buses.

Xian Train Station Bus to Terracotta ArmyXian Train Station Bus to Terracotta Army

If you arrive after 8am, you will notice the quere waithing for the bus.

Queue at Xian Train Station for Bus to Terracotta ArmyQueue at Xian Train Station for Bus to Terracotta Army

The queue grows longer after 830am. Just look back, here you can see how long it goes.

Queue at Xian Train Station for Bus to Terracotta ArmyQueue at Xian Train Station for Bus to Terracotta Army

For this queue, you will wait for at least 45 minutes to a hour. I went there in the summer, so it was the peak time for tourists. Avoid summer and China's holiday, if possible.

There are some random people shouting loud to ask visitors to get on their bus as no more wait. For most Chinese, we won’t get on these bus as we only trust the public transport, because those random buses may stop in other places that you don’t want to visit.

About one hour later, you will arrive the famous Terracotta Army. I will have another post soon.

Hope you find the information about Bus to Terracotta Army useful, if so don’t forget to share with friends and like it in Fackbook :)

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(Post: 30/04/2015; update: 06/03/17)

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