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Authentic Chinese Food Lovers, July 2014
July 31, 2014

Authentic Chinese Food Lovers

Issue 7# July 31, 2014.


How is the summer in your place? Hope you enjoy it so far. Here in the UK, some days are "summer", other days can still be cloudy or raining.

I will go back China for a holiday soon, hurray!!! My place (in China Hunan) is very hot in the summer. In August, the temperature can be around 40C for few weeks. It will like staying in a big oven. But, I can't wait!:).

Meanwhile, just show you one picture from my Sunday brunch, taken and post-processed by my new smartphone. Not bad, hum?:)

You may find the recipes for them Chinese Microwave Egg and Chinese Fried Noodle.

In this issue, you will see:

Chinese Food Remedy for Constipation

Famous Hunan Food

Video of July: Chinese Eggplant with Dry Mushroom

Picks of July

Chinese Food Remedy for Constipation

Most Chinese prefer food remedy to medicine as we believe any medicine can have certain side effects. Here is a recipe of Chinese food remedy for constipation that a Chinese doctor made for my father. It may not work for everyone, but some may find it helpful. (The photos were taken years ago, not that good, sorry for that).

Famous Hunan Food

Here I also introduced some famous (or typical) Hunan food that Hunan locals like to have in their daily life, such as breakfast, stinky tofu and preserved meat. Have a look see what Chinese really eat:)

Video of July: Chinese Eggplant with Dry Mushroom

This recipe has been posted for a while, you can check this recipe here, but I just haven't got time to edit the video. This is also a Hunan local dish, but they use the clay pot which I don't have. So it is my version of it. You can watch it by click this link Eggplant with Dry Mushroom , and hope you like it?:)

You can also watch it from my Youtube channel . If you have subscribed my Youtube channel, you will get the update once I add new videos.

Independence Special

Ok, hope you like this. Please feel free to share with friends, or forward them to Authentic Chinese Food Lovers Ezine subscription . Thank you!

I will come back with more interesting ones. see you next time:)

Min :)

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