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Authentic Chinese Food Lovers, Aug. 2014
August 31, 2014

Authentic Chinese Food Lovers

Issue 8# Aug 31, 2014.


I just came back from China, was a nice trip, stayed with my parents and met my brother's family. I took lots photos and videos from our family cooking, so you will see many new stuff coming soon. I also visited two famour Chinese places Xi'an and Guizhou Huangguoshu, so I will post lots new travel photos and tips as well.

Here I show you one picture from our family lunch, lots food, right? because I was home, my parents just wanted me to have more ;)

In this issue, you will see:

Chinese Kong Bao Chicken

Chinese Spicy Lobster

Video of August: Chinese Spicy Lobster

Picks of August

Chinese Kong Bao Chicken

This is our family version of Chinese Kong Bao chicken, my mum's cooking. The tender and succulent chicken with Sichuan pepper, red chillies and roasted peanuts. Video is coming next month, don't forget to subscribe my Youtube channel :)

Chinese Spicy Lobsters

China Hunan locals like to make a hot and spicy lobster dish called Tasty Lobsters (Kou Wei Xia 口味虾), which is very popular as the summer evening snack (Xiao Ye 宵夜). Here is my sister-in-law made Chinese spicy lobsters, using Chinese sauce for lobsters.

Video of August: Chinese Spicy Lobsters

Here is the video for Chinese spcicy lobsters. Few days ago, my Youtube channel has reached 100 subscribers, I was very happy. Might not be a big deal for others, but means a lot to me. Really appreciate for all viwers and subscribers. Hope you like my channel too.

Independence Special

Ok, hope you like this. Please feel free to share with friends, or forward them to Authentic Chinese Food Lovers Ezine subscription . Thank you!

Stay in touch and see you next time:)

Min :)

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