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Authentic Chinese Food Lovers, Sep, 2016
October 03, 2016

Authentic Chinese Food Lovers

Issue 30# Sep 30, 2016


How was your summer? Have you been to somewhere for a holiday? Hope you enjoyed it no matter where you were.

As you may know that I went back to visit my parents in China for more than three weeks. Spoiled by parents' home cooking as always:)

I also traveled to Anhui Province to see my brother and his family. Visited famous Huangshan (aka Yellow Mountain) and two ancient villages nearby, which are not far from where my brother lives. They are all very famous and beautiful places in China.

The food from Anhui is referred as Hui style food in China. I have tasted some dishes, not spicy or salty as Hunan food, but pretty nice too. I will share more in the future posts.

In this issue, you will see:

Recipe: Chinese Homemade Chili Oil

Reciep: Chinese Bean Sprou Salad

Cooking Video: Chinese Homemade Chili Oil

Cooking Video: Chinese Bean Sprou Salad

Picks of Sep, 2016

Chinese Homemade Chili Oil

Our family cooking for Chinese homemade chili oil. We make it by using red chili flakes, black bean paste and oil, a must-have ingredient in our family daily cooking and dining.

Chinese Bean Sprou Salad

This is a very easy Chinese food recipe for Sichuan style bean sprout salad, one of my favorite salad dish in the summer. Simple, healthy and tasty.

Cooking Video: Chinese Homemade Chili Oil

I uploaded a cooking video for this recipe. You can click the picture below or the link to watch video for Chinese Homemade Chili Oil on Youtube.

Cooking Video: Chinese Bean Sprout Salad

Click the picture or the link to watch video for Chinese Bean Sprout Salad on Youtube.


Ok, that's all for this month. Please feel free to share with friends about this Authentic Chinese Food Lovers Ezine . Thank you!

Wish you well and I will talk to you next time,

Min :)

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