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Authentic Chinese Food Lovers, Issue #002 -- Pick of Feb, Chinese Dry Mushroom.
February 28, 2014

Authentic Chinese Food Lovers

Issue2# Feb.28, 2014.


How are things in this February? Hope all with you goes well. I have been busy for my work but haven’t forgotten about this monthly e-zine. It is always nice to catch up with you, thanks for being here:).

In this issue, you will see:

Pick of February

Site Recommend

Chinese Ingredient: Dry Mushroom

Pick of February


If you like Chinese fish recipe, you may check my mother’s home cooking for Chinese Pine Nut Fish (Carp). See how she cuts the fish and makes the “Pine Nut“ fish. Maybe you will get some ideas from this and make your own fish dish more interesting.


The cooking video for this Pine Nut Fish is also added and you can watch it here or from my Youtube channel . Hope you like it, and please share with friends.

Chinese Food Guide

Updated post about Hunan preserved meat, a famous regional food in China. (Just in case you don’t know, Hunan is a province in southern China and is the place I came from). There are lots pictures for different types of preserved meat in Hunan local food market, plus my parents’ homemade persevered meat during this Chinese new year.


I just found this bestselling cook book for healthy Chinese cooking, thought you might be interested. The book is written by a professional Chinese chef Nicolas Zhou, which shows you how to live a healthy lifestyle by cooking real and healthy Chinese food.

So, check it out, see how to cook Chinese food like a Pro!

"500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes in 5 minutes"

Chinese cooking recipes cookbooks

ChineseFoodDIY's cookbook "Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking" - 500+ low carb and low fat recipes with 170+ colorful pictures. Based on a master chef's 40 years of cooking practice and 4 years of writing and research, it has helped over 12,800 people worldwide improve their health. All the secret copy cat recipes in ONE cookbook.

Click here to read the whole story that reveals how ANYONE can cook delicious Chinese food and improve their health... in less than 20 minutes.

Chinese Ingredient: Dry Mushroom

Dry mushroom is a very common ingredient in Chinese cooking. It adds a distinct, smoky flavour and aroma to Chinese dishes.

• The dry mushroom itself is plain, but can obsorb the taste from the sauces. So it is often used for slow cooking such as stew or soup.

• Before cooking, use warm water to soak for half hour or until softened. I usually do this over night. Afterwards, squeeze out the excess water.

• Used for soup, cut it or use it as a whole. Used as seasoning, finely chopped and combined with meat or fish.

If interested, you may also check this Chinese Eggplant with Dry Mushroom recipe.

I hope you like this issue. If so, please share with friends, or forward them to Authentic Chinese Food Lovers Ezine subscription . Thank you!

If you have any questions want to ask, please feel free to drop me a line.

All the best and happy cooking!

Min :)

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