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Authentic Chinese Food Lovers, May 2015
June 30, 2015

Authentic Chinese Food Lovers

Issue 18# June 30, 2015


Finally, summer has arrived. I will soon go back China for a summer holiday, cannot wait! But before I disappear, I have lots work to finish, no pressure then....Anyway, hope you are enjoying your summer time too:)

This month's posts are mainly about Chinese home made soup, two soup recipes, one soup guide. Plus this month June 20th is the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, I wrote a post and Chinese century egg, which is popular food around this festival.

Hope you enjoy the picture from our family lunch:) Click the picture to see more about Chinese homemade soup.

In this issue, you will see:

Recipe: Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup

Recipe: Chinese Duck Radish Soup

Food Guide: Chinese Century Egg

Video: Chinese Duck Radish Soup

Video: How to Make Chinese Soup Dipping Sauce

Picks of June, 2015

Chinese Tomato Tofu Soup

My father's home cooking recipe. The tomato and tofu are cooked with the dried seaweed and dried Chinese yellow flower vegetables (黃花菜). Simple and healthy.

Chinese Duck and Radish Soup

This is another healthy Chinese soup, the chopped duck legs are cooked with Chinese white radish, bamboo shoot and chestnuts, seasoned by star anise, ginger and dried orange skin.

Chinese Century Egg

Chinese Century Egg, called Pi Dan 皮蛋 or Song Hua Dan 松花蛋 in Chinese, is a very common food in Chinese daily eating. It is popular around Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (this year is June 20).

We usually make it a cold dish with soy sauce and very hot green chillies. This post shows you how we make this dish at home. Click the picture to see details and more pictures.

Cooking Video: Chinese Duck Radish Soup

Click this link to watch video for Chinese Duck Radish Soup on Youtube. Or click the photo which will direct you to the video.

Video: How to Make Chinese Soup Dipping Sauce

Like this Chinese duck radish soup, some of Chinese homemade soups are light and healthy. So we usually serve the soup with a homemade dipping sauce, which helps to give additional flavour.

Click this link How to Make Chinese Soup Dipping Sauce or click the photo to watch this short clip on Youtube.


Ok, that's all for this month. Please feel free to share with friends, or forward them to Authentic Chinese Food Lovers Ezine subscription . Thank you!

Wish you well and I will talk to you next time,

Min :)

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